June 12, 2021


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New Manual Trading Binary Options Strategy by typingaholic.com

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We have released our second manual binary trading strategy. It is now available for purchase to ONLY our clients who already have purchased the first strategy. If you are a new customer then please go HERE. Product on this page is offered exclusively to clients who already have purchased our first manual strategy.

Sometimes you need more than just a single binary trading strategy to make profits on a daily basis. One good strategy, even if it works and produces good profits, is often not enough to enable a trader to make profits all the time and every day. Watching currency charts and waiting for the right moment, this is what an effective strategy usually requires. There is no binary strategy that can work every minute and all day long. In the context of the ability to trade every day and make profits, using multiple strategies is one sensible solution.

In terms of winning-ratio, and this is no slight to my second manual strategy, my first trading strategy was unrivaled, that is until now; the second strategy can produce even higher ITM ratio. Some people find the first manual trading strategy a bit complicated because there are a certain number of variables involved in it. It requires you to monitor the market and wait for the right time to enter a trade; there are few currency pairs to monitor and you also need to take into account different variables in order to enter trade at correct time. Second strategy is similar to the first one in few ways however, it involves less variables, and you only need to monitor two asset charts. You can call it a less complicated strategy with even higher ITM ratio.

Statically, the first binary strategy gives you more trading opportunities in any given month. The downside of the second strategy, in the view of traders, the less number of trades, is not a matter of huge concern. When a strategy is producing more than 80% In-The-Money ratio, how can we complain, right? When you have not one but two working manual binary strategies in your pocket, you obviously are going to execute more trades. The second strategy is superior in terms of winning more trades, but it does not give traders as many trade opportunities, as does the first trading strategy. The reason for this is the fluctuation in correlation between two special assets. When correlation is at a favorable level, the second strategy can do wonders.


You must read all FAQs and must agree to the Terms & Conditions before making a purchase.


6. Providing the IP Address


7. Receiving the information

You will receive details via email. It will include the URL of the Webpage, which contains approximately 4000 words and 30+ Live Trade Examples.

8. Delivery Time

Details are sent via email within 16 hours of purchase.




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7 thoughts on “New Manual Trading Binary Options Strategy by typingaholic.com

  1. Is anyone still using one or both of these strategies in 2019, and are they still profitable. If so, i would like to purchase both strategies. Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    Could you please explain the reason people must have the first strategy before getting the second one. Why can one not just start from the second one? Especially if you can only afford one and not both and you want the second one?


  3. Why would a binary broker remove a currency pair? Majority of binary traders lose all their money, let alone find out a profitable currency pair.

  4. Hi,

    I payed for the 2nd strategy and left my IP.
    Please give me access also to the 2nd strategy.
    I liked the first one.

    With Kind Regards,
    Ovidiu Marian

  5. Good day

    I have the first 60 seconds strategy, now I made a payment for the second 60 seconds manual strategy my ip address is 105.2*8.15*.97 and my email address is dan*******eng@yahoo.com. I hope you find this in order.

    South Africa

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