September 20, 2021

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Hunting Online Referrals – Advertise & Promote your Website

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Your own website can be by far the most lucrative method to get additional referrals, but unfortunately, also the most difficult of all methods. In this part of the perpetual hunt for referrals, I don’t want to go into how to create a website, but how to successfully advertise it to get referrals in order to significantly increase your income/sales on internet.

Free Hosting/Website or Not?
My basic advice to anyone who wants to create a website to advertise referrals, is to first to create a free site/blog, as you can easily do with many free hosting providers. The reason for this is quite simple; there is no risk of losing money if the site does not reach the desired success. A free website also has a lot of disadvantages, as I had to experience myself. Most providers do not like to see pages about earning money online. With blogger, WordPress, and Weebly, you are completely banned and will be deleted automatically after a short time without warning. For the following providers you can create a free site on topics of making money on internet:

  1. Jimdo
  2. Webs

If you don’t want to create and design a site/blog yourself, you can outsource this task to a web designer/developer. This requires a certain starting capital, but also gets good results.

Once a website is created and prepared, the procedure for getting referrals is simple; you do this by distributing your ref links on your site. The created website can be roughly divided into 3 categories. It is best to consider which version you want to use before creating it.

  1. Showing Lists With Little Detail
    This type of site and articles are going be created very quickly. You write a set of short descriptions and create a list of sites that you want the visitors to check. On such pages, you can make money really fast and easily; users just have to sign up using the links from your site.

This type of site can bring more money if you put like estimated 100 banners to PTC sites; they will have your referral links in them.

  1. Detailed information
    On an information page/site, a well-written description of the provider is available for each distributed banner or ref-link. The readers are not fooled in anyway, but it is explained why you should register on the listed pages. This kind of money-earning site requires a lot of time for creation and maintenance. If you are really motivated and want to made this a long term business, then you should register your own domain and buy a good hosting for it, because otherwise, you will have to put in more effort and there is a risk that you may not get the same results that one gets from a self-hosted site!
  2. Lie until the bars bend
    Whether this is ethically correct is up for debate, but lies are demonstrably a good way to get referrals. A website where you see a promise to become a millionaire in a year if you sign up with some PTC site [what a joke ;) but some people still believe it…] ClixSense can be a success. Be creative and exaggerate as much as you want. But don’t be surprised if your referrals are not active or no one logs in after few days, after all, there are already enough such sites and people soon find out that you were lying. And another thing; I am not putting you on the track of spreading lies. I am merely telling you how people attract referrals.

Once your site is online, you don’t have to wait; start attract visitors! Here, too, there are basically several different methods:

  1. Visitor Exchange
    With visitor exchange, you can get free traffic for your personal website. As I have mentioned many times, unfortunately most of such visitors are not worth a lot.
  2. Advertising
    People like to click on links; most of them are happy to click. Do you want the proof? Then try not to click on this link. Difficult, isn’t it?
    Because it is the same for other internet users, it is worthwhile to spread your own website everywhere you can. Forums, Facebook, comments, and so on.
    This will give you a lot of visitors, some of which will be your referrals soon and you will definitely earn more money online.
  3. Google
    The most powerful traffic generator is definitely Google and Bing. With a good position in the search results, your site can get thousands of visitors a day and thus countless referrals without spending money or working on it 10 hours a day. But the road to achieving such ranking is extremely difficult, especially for sites on the subject of earning money online because the competition is extremely high.

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