September 20, 2021

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Hunt Referrals | Advertising on PTC websites

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Why do you think you get money when you click/view an ad? As many of you may have noticed, behind many ads are actually referral-links of other users and they want the same thing that we all are looking for, referrals. :)

Which site should I advertise on?
On almost all trusted providers that I have reviewed on my website, you can book your advertisements. The principle is rather simple and differs only a little with the different providers. Most of the time you pay money for points that you can convert into clicks on a link of your choice. The longer the page is viewed by users, the more money must be paid for it. In addition, you can often set the advertisement to appear only in a particular country. But the prices for advertising are then very different. Here is a little overview:

ClixSense – 1000 views (3 seconds) for $2.4 = 0.24 cents per display
Neobux – 2500 Ads (5 seconds) + 2500 AdPrize ads for $5 = 0.1 cents per ad
33Bux – 1000 views (3 seconds) for $0.7 = 0.07 cents per ad

Not only the prices for posted advertising are different, but it also depends on the target group that you want to reach. I will try to explain briefly the pros and cons of some sites.

Most people who want to make money online start with ClixSense or Neobux because these are simply the best known PTC providers. If you click on the advertisement and see an unknown site where you can earn money online, you will probably be able to sign in there as well. Advertising with less well-known providers is cheaper but there, you have often only people who are already registered members of other PTC sites and who are much more unlikely to register and become your referral.
I would say that these advantages and disadvantages are offset. If you don’t want to risk anything, you should book cheap advertising but don’t expect too much from that. With a big budget, it is worthwhile to launch an extensive advertising campaign and then other forms of advertising such as a ClixGrid at ClixSense or a fixed advertising/banner at Neobux is also eligible. This will give you much more referrals but the risk of losing money is also higher.

Which site should I advertise?
As I have already indicated in the article on visitor exchange, it is very important that you choose the right website to advertise. Choose carefully which site you want to advertise because the results of advertisement can be very different for each of your websites. The most important thing is that you look at the already running/active advertisements. If there are 20 ads [containing referral links of users for Neobux,] then you should not become the 21st person who comes up with this idea. It’s a waste of money. In such a case, it is a lot more useful to look for other good, but unknown PTC providers that offer an appealing home-page. The best solution, however, is to advertise multiple PTC-sites [referral links to multiple PTC sites] in one/single advertising campaign.
For the beginning, a free site should suffice, which can be created quickly and easily with many online providers. As I have experienced myself, these pages are also quickly deleted so you should find a permanent solution if you see positive results.

Paid to click or paid to sign up?
For classic paid to click ads, you really just pay for the clicks on the link. If no one sign-ups or the link is accidentally entered incorrectly, then you have just been unlucky and wasted your money. An alternative to this is paid to signup ads where you only pay for direct signups via a link. So you pay directly for real referrals. The prices are logically much higher than with PTC ads but you can calculate the expenses better. Not every PTC site offers paid signups, though.
I can recommend eBuxer and Clicksia. At EBuxer, the prices are a little lower but you really only pay for the registration. The participants could simply sign-up via your link, but them never be active. Some will also use fake email addresses to try to register multiple times. Here too, the risk of losing money is accordingly high. PTC sites are well aware of users making fake accounts; they have automatic and manual detection systems to prevent these things. But there is still a risk of losing money to people who make fake or inactive accounts.

At Clicksia you can attach conditions to registrations e.g. “You have to make at least 50 clicks after registration.” With paid to signup ads, you always have to confirm that the participant has fulfilled all the conditions. In short, this means less risk but higher costs.

Beware of advertising blockers
I had already shown in another article how to work effectively with a browser and suggested to install an ad-blocker. I am not the only one who is recommending this; there are many users who have installed such an ad-blocker. Some PTC pages show up correctly when you open them, but some pages are not displayed correctly, which makes it impossible to sign up. Therefore, I advise you to not waste money on this, if an estimated 50% of users cannot see the advertisement and still make money for it. For example, Neobux and Easyhits4U are not shown as advertising in my ad-block enabled browser. Some of the other vendors are shown and blocked as advertisements.

With advertising on PTC pages, you can get many referrals if you are lucky and if you play your cards right. However, the risk of receiving completely empty reward is quite high. A good alternative is to accumulate money/points in your account by clicking/viewing other ads and then create an advertising campaign using that money/points. In any case, you should think carefully about which site [that one you own] you want to advertise and which PTC-site you want to get referrals for.

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