September 20, 2021

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Crazy Amazon Offers | Cuddly but expensive toys

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  1. Seeds of Egg Trees
    This slightly different looking plant is actually a very nice little gift for anyone who likes imaginative decoration. For a little money, you can get a complete seeding pack for breeding a cute egg tree. From the same company, there are also other fun planting sets such as miniature sunflowers and small chilies. Flower lovers will be amazed.
  2. Beer bottle costume | Rock the Costume Beer Bottle Carnival
    A look at the above heading should actually be suffice. Anyone who sees an adult man dressed as a beer bottle must be jealous, even if not immediately. :) With this chic disguise, you’ll surely attract a swarm of women at every party, or may be not? ;)
  3. Plush dog/puppy for $999
    I don’t know if a mistake happened in the pricing, but for the price of a new iPhone X, this stuffed toy might have something special. Maybe it is filled with drugs? LOL
    I leave the decision to my readers, maybe someone would like to tell me if it is worth the money. Here’s a little something to think about. To buy this stuffed toy, you’d have to click on 100,000 or so 3-seconds [low paying] ads at ClixSense…

So, that’s it again with the Amazon offers for this week. Unfortunately, only three have come to my mind, but I always look for new and unusual offers; I want to continue this series of articles. That’s why I have planned Christmas specials, contests/sweepstakes etc.

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