July 29, 2021


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Crazy Amazon Offers part 4 – Magic Cups and Crates

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What could be better on a holiday than the new Amazon offers of the week? Again this week you can look forward to very curious offers from Amazon.

Trick box
The description of this inconspicuous box is very curious. I don’t own it, so it’s up to you to tell me as the trick is really hard to figure out :) I honestly can’t imagine what this box might have.

LED Star Umbrella | Umbrella LED
With this umbrella you make a rainy day into a rainy star’s nightclub. The umbrella is illuminated with countless LEDs to simulate a night sky. The batteries hold charge for around 8 hours. I don’t think it’s as cheesy as it seems at first sight.

Self-Touching mug
With this mug, you’re definitely the boss at every breakfast table. The cool part about this fully automatic mug from Amazon is that it is not just a simple toy, but also a practical item. It automatically stirs its contents and through the Thermo-deck, the content remains hot for a long time. For coffee-with-milk-and-sugar addicts, this is an absolute must.

Bitten by the white shark
I don’t think I can do that myself :) Imagine seeing a replica of a bite of a white shark in its original size for $1,500 in your garden…

More funny offers from Amazon will be available again next week. There seems to be no end to these crazy offers; they are actually getting crazier.

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