September 20, 2021

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Apple: Subscription service for digital magazines is apparently on the way

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First indications have surfaced that Apple is launching a subscription service for magazines.
Countless interesting magazines exist all over the world. No matter if sports, lifestyle, science, or gaming – there is a corresponding product for every interest. The problem: How to pay for this flood of print products? Falling prices are rarely an option, because somehow a publisher has to pay the editors and other employees. But for some time, there is a kind of solution that will open soon at Apple: a subscription to the fixed price for endless reading fun.

Apple relies on iTunes
According to media report, Apple will launch its subscription service “Apple News Magazines” soon, first hints delivers the beta of iOS 12.2. Billing is, as with other Apple products, via your iTunes account. There are apparently different combinations with other services on the program, but so far there is no information. It is also unclear when the company will present its subscription offer. But expectations are definitely there, because since March 2018, the service “Texture” as “Netflix for magazines” belongs to the group with the apple. The biggest competitor in this field is the Swedish company “Readly.” There, you get around 3,400 magazines per month for approximately 10 US Dollars; more than 1,000 issues of which are in different languages.

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