January 19, 2021


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What is ASDR in Services.msc? There Is No Description

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I see a service in services.msc that has no description, which program is this service related to? What is the ASDR.exe process in Task Manager?


ASDR service or process is related to Asus Smart Doctor Software or Asus Gamer OSD. Remove these softwares if you want to remove ASDR service/process.

1 thought on “What is ASDR in Services.msc? There Is No Description

  1. This got me worried a ton. I thought it was a Virus or a Spyware, something like that. ASDR service had no description what so ever so naturally, one has to get suspicious about it.

    I am using a Gaming Laptop with asus hardware. I have checked and can confirm that if asus smart doctor is deleted, this service will then be removed which proves it is a harmless service and not a virus or spyware. I re installed asus software once I got the peace of mind.

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