September 20, 2021

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Batman Movie – Confirmed: Ben Affleck is out, looking for a younger Batman actor

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Now it’s clear; Ben Affleck is no longer the Batman. Director Matt Reeves has started the search for a younger actor. Theatrical release for 2021 is announced.

Warner has been working on a Batman solo movie. Now, the production is finally progressing, but one actor is definitely not playing a role anymore and that is Ben Affleck. The Batman actor from the less successful DC Comic filming (2016) and (2017) is officially out of the game now. This will make the rumors that have been spreading for months come true.

Batman movie with a younger superhero
Instead, director Matt Reeves is pursuing a whole new approach to his Batman movie. He is looking for one who will bring order to Dark Knight in Gotham City.
The search for a new Batman has begun, but first names have not yet been mentioned.

Meanwhile, actor Ben Affleck (via twitter) confirmed the search for a new Batman actor. Whether he will ever again appear as Bruce Wayne aka Batman in another DC production is questionable. After that, Ben Affleck was the Batman. Apparently both should make room for a new generation of superheroes.

Batman movie will be released in 2021
Originally it was decided Ben Affleck to make a Batman film in which he will direct and write the screenplay in addition to the lead role. There was already a finished script, but then the events unfolded.
However, his successor Matt Reeves developed his own script with a completely new idea for the film. A story in the style of a detective film Noir. So basically, Ben Affleck no longer belongs in the team, neither as an author, actor, nor as a producer.

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