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Is BDSwiss a Scam or Legitimate? Binary Options Broker Review

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BDSwiss Honest Review:
One of the most popular brokers, when it comes to binary options, is BDSwiss and it has been the number one choice for experienced/professionals and newcomers for years. But what can you really expect from their services? In this review, this is the question we answer; we will talk about whether BDSwiss is a legitimate or a scam/fraud binary broker and how to evaluate the entire range of options. There is also further information about the trading platform and the payment methods.

Rating: 4.62/5.0
Return: up to 85% return
Options: 60sec, One Touch, Ladder, Option Pairs
Underlyings: over 195 stocks, indices, and commodities
Regulation: CySec

  • Binary options trading involves significant risk and may result in the loss of all invested capital.

BDSwiss features in an overview
With some innovative and new offerings, the broker provides trading opportunities that the competition cannot serve. Hundreds of thousands of customers, many of them from European nations, fully trust BDSwiss. The comprehensive list of features in an abstract:
Company: BDSwiss Holding Plc
Address: Makariou III Street 160, 3026 Limassol, Cyprus
Registration number: HE 300153
Regulation/License CySEC: 199/13

In addition to the offer in the field of binary options, BDSwiss has recently become active as a forex broker. Particularly interesting are the offers for European traders. Main languages are Italian and English. This will also introduce newcomers to the international financial languages quickly. You should definitely trade in English for your transactions. The conversion is not difficult.

The BDSwiss delivers a multilingual offer and appeals to traders around the world. For some years, professionals have relied on the Cypriot service provider and are very satisfied with the trading opportunities. Even for beginners, there is a rich selection. For you, a lot of information about the entry into the trade as well as further tips and tricks for successful trading are available. Of course, there is also a detailed explanation of how to handle the trading system.

One reason for the particularly positive experience is the related trading platform. It uses SpotOption, a binary software which is very-well-known and is 100% web-based. So no program has to be downloaded. Trading is possible from any computer in the world. After logging in to the website, there is immediate access to the trade interface.

In addition, trading is also possible via smartphone and tablet PC. BDSwiss provides a specially developed app for this, which can be quickly and easily downloaded and used.

Trade opportunities
Traders, with a total of over 170 different underlyings, can trade on various assets with this professional broker platform of BDSwiss. Among other things, you can bet on forex and stock prices. In addition, betting on commodity prices and index prices is also possible. The opinions are therefore clear: the range of trading opportunities is rich and meets all requirements of newcomers and professionals. While some brokers sometimes offer over 200 different assets, most of them are usually not actively traded.

When trading, customers are always shown the expected payout. You can set risks individually. This creates a high degree of transparency. The fact that BDSwiss is a reputable company is further emphasized by this business method.

The number of different features to set on courses and values are immense. Again and again, the broker opens up new opportunities for their very own betting software. Many order options can be individually adapted by the dealer to their own needs and abilities.

The one-touch trade already known by other brokers is also part of the broad trading opportunities. In addition, the usual PUT and CALL trading provides a suitable ground for trading especially for beginners. With the option builder for experienced traders, traders have full control over quotes and their bets. The Option Builder is very flexible and allows setting a separate expiration date for the trade. This allows the personal risk to be patterned.

The special features rollover, a thought-out strategy to stop loss, and double up, the simple multiplication of profits, are also integral parts of trading opportunities.
Also popular with experienced dealers is the Pro Trader. Here is the overview of the usual trading interface is changed. There are large windows with graphs and all kinds of interesting features that can lead to more successful trading. Through the Pro Trader, price trends can be viewed long-term, which can lead to more efficient use of capital resources.

Company Check
BDSwiss is regarded among experts as one of the best binary options brokers in the world. Rankings within the industry regularly among the top 5, almost independent of the respective test criterion. Reviews of professional traders and newcomers are generally very positive and are the reason why the company is allowed to have a large customer base today.

Background check: BD Swiss or Banc de Swiss?
Banc de Swiss is now a household name in the binary trading industry. The underlying company of Keplero Holdings Ltd. but decided to slightly adjust the brand. For some time, Banc de Swiss has been listed under the name BDSwiss.

Under its old name, Banc de Swiss has been headquartered in Frankfurt since its founding in 2011. For economic reasons, those responsible decided to relocate to the European island of Cyprus. However, there is still a branch in Frankfurt. Mails from customers go there.

Customer service and security
Particularly convincing are the BDSwiss reviews regarding the customer support. All the employees contacted in the test are amazingly professional, friendly, and seemingly very experienced. The English-speaking customer service is also highlighted positively by regular customers in our tests. Employees from nine different EU countries can be contacted by phone every day from 9 am to 9 pm; the times are meaningfully selected.

In addition to telephone support, customers can also contact the customer service via the contact form. As the test report shows, competent employees respond in a short time to concrete and friendly questions. Also best BDSwiss experiences are made with the live chat. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing direct contact and quick problem resolution.

BDSwiss also provides reliable solutions in matters of security. Financial transactions take place via SSL encryption technology. All deposits and withdrawals are checked by the provider for accuracy. Deposits are also protected by the Norton Secured Program.

Legal: Legitimacy and regulation
BDSwiss is one of the leading options providers. Its headquarters are Keplero Holdings Ltd., which stands behind the BDSwiss brand, but is in Cyprus. As a result, the broker is subject to strict regulation by the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC. It was launched in 2004 and follows the guidelines of the European Union. The controls of the CySEC are generally on the standard of other European supervisory authorities.

Why is the head office still in Cyprus and not another European country? Some traders think that because the headquarter of BDSwiss is in Cyprus, it is a sca/rip-off. Reasons for the company headquarters far away from the European mainland, however, are different and reasonable. Cyprus has excellent tax conditions that cannot be found in any other EU country. The tax rate there is only 10 percent, so that many profit-oriented companies settle there. Especially in the financial services sector, the share of resident companies is above average.

Customer funds and BDSwiss payout
Deposits are made through various programs. In addition to the VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro, amounts can be deposited via Paysafecard, ukash, giropay, & Postpay. In addition, Skrill is also offered as a particularly secure online solution. Unfortunately, PayPal is not part of the system.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal options: The available payment options at BDSwiss at a glance
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and moreā€¦
Minimum deposit: $100
Min Trade: $5
Account management possible in: Euro, US Dollars, & British Pound
Withdrawal Options: Several

An account can be opened from a deposit value of $100. Traders can trade from $5 per position. The higher the deposit amounts are placed, the more likely it is that price developments in the wrong direction can be sustained. Advisable is the use of at least $40 per opened position.

Customer money is kept by BDSwiss in separate accounts in accordance with official EU regulations, separate from business assets. They are subject to the Cypriot Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). Should the company go bankrupt, customers will receive up to 90 percent of their deposits up to a value of $20,000. So for larger capital contributions, another broker might be good in this regard.

Instructions for withdrawals/payments
Extremely pleasing BDSwiss experiences make customers with regard to the payment modalities. If a transfer of money from the online account to your own account has been placed, the money usually goes through within two working days. With other payment methods, the money can sometimes take more time. By credit card, it is possible to receive the credit on the same day. This is very good and extremely customer friendly.

Bonus and bonuses at BDSwiss
There is no bonus for new customers at BDSwiss. This circumstance is to be evaluated positively, since bonus offers are forbidden by the regulation authority CySec and the broker fulfills this requirement. There is an exclusive VIP access to the BDSwiss Trading Academy as well as a personal contact person and access to expert webinars.

Is BDSwiss a fraud/scam or is it a legit binary broker?
Reviews of longtime customers show that the BDSwiss is a legitimate company and can assert itself well in our binary options broker test. It is unfounded that there is no reason to fear that profits will not be paid.

Background: many black sheep in the industry
Be careful when trading binary options. Not only in terms of betting on prices, but above all in terms of provider choice. Because not every broker is legit and keeps what it promises. For example, black sheep frequently receive transmission of prices that are far changed from real-time values. The problem is that purchases and sales are sometimes carried out only seconds after the actual action of the trader. Within this time, prices can change significantly and sometimes slip significantly into the loss area. Whether this is a broker system to profit from client funds can only be speculated.

Another way of cheating is through payout modalities. If a binary options broker does not pay, it is a hefty fraud on the customer. Companies with such business practices must be banned from the market.

Opinions on the World Wide Web
As with almost all brokers, there are occasional critical votes in the internet and in forums about BDSwiss. Dissatisfied traders quickly talk about BDSwiss rip-off and fraud. However, these experiences are usually only individual opinions and come partly from dealers who blame the broker for their own inability. The allegations are unfounded in most cases.

Our conclusion
BDSwiss is regulated within the EU, has excellent customer opinions, and provides first-class customer support. Payments are made within a maximum of two working days. Our testing shows that this broker is among the most professional in the market and is completely reputable. Beginners and professionals can safely trust this broker!

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