September 20, 2021

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Top Binary Options Brokers Comparison 2020: The best brokers

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Your success in trading binary options is our goal. We want to help you choose the right broker, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest offers and the best brokers, and get a good overview of the best brokers in a binary options provider comparison to ultimately find the right partner for trade and not to fall victim to any black sheep as so many have fallen in binary options scams.

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Binary options provider comparison – find the best broker!
There are now more than 20 Good/Legit Binary Options brokers/platforms that enable their clients to trade binary options in a safe environment. Due to the large number of brokers and the sometimes significant differences in the respective services and offered trading conditions, traders should nowadays always research and look at a binary options provider comparison before opening a trading account.
In this context, there are various ways in which traders can find which broker is best for them, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the various binary options providers are.

One possibility, for example, is to use a binary options provider comparison, which involves comparing the different trading conditions and is very helpful, at least for those traders who want to select a broker that suits their needs.

Binary Options Brokers have strengths and weaknesses that make some providers better suited to a trader than others. A comparison of more than 5 providers should allow you to find the best binary options broker for your own needs.

In addition to the simple comparison of conditions, many traders are increasingly geared to a binary options provider review, which provides much more information. Because such a test not only compares the trading conditions of the brokers with each other, but also closely looks at the services and features. This takes into account, for example, how many types of trading options the broker has to offer, how many tradable underlyings are available, how well traders are likely to cope with the trading platform and whether, for example, customer service is available in languages other than English.

A binary options broker comparison should always contrast certain services and features of the broker, which of course also applies to the test/review performed. The comparison and review criteria include, for example, conditions such as the minimum deposit, minimum trade sum, maximum return, loss coverage, terms of the options, and any additional functions.

In a broker review, different criteria are used to rate a provider. These include, among other things, the terms of trade, the offer, and customer service/support. The consideration of these aspects makes it possible to carry out a meaningful binary options broker comparison.

Using mobile trading and binary options demo account as a criterion
The range of services that a binary options broker has to offer should not miss a Demo Account and should include mobile trading. Not every broker offers mobile trading. Also, traders should inform themselves whether trading is only possible via iPhone or also with other smartphones and tablets.

Another selection criterion is, in addition to mobile trading for some traders, is whether the broker offers 60-second trading time period. Options with these very short maturities are now very popular and are being favored by more and more traders.

Traders often want to be able to use a binary options demo account, so this can also be a criterion when selecting a broker. If such a binary options demo account is offered, it should also be considered in the comparison, whether this is unlimited in time and can be used even if no deposit has been made to the real trading account. Another criterion could be the mobile availability via a binary options demo account app.

Critical criteria for choosing the best binary broker include the provision of a free demo account, the possibility of mobile trading and the range of turbo options.

Besides testing and comparing, there is another way in which interested traders can get help choosing the right binary options broker. And these are the binary options provider’s reviews that other traders have already wrote on internet. These reviews/experiences are so valuable because they not only highlight the positive aspects of the broker, but also address any weaknesses. Such reports of experience exist both on private websites and on neutral institutions, which want to ensure that traders receive objective and indeed also subjective information about how the broker is to be rated and stands in comparison to other competitors.

However, one trader’s winner is not always the best choice for other traders too, because it depends on which conditions or services the individual customers attach great importance to. Therefore, for example, some traders do not choose a broker that offers particularly customer-friendly trading terms but, for example, provides a binary options strategy on which to trade.

Testimonials help to assess the quality of each binary broker. However, each trader sets different priorities to different features/offers/aspects.

A comparison of the brokers is of course not only recommended in the area of binary options brokers, but should also be carried out by traders who want to be active in forex trading or trading CFDs. The comparison criteria here are about the same, which also play a role in the comparison of binary options brokers. In addition, there are other criteria that apply only to trading in foreign exchange and CFDs, such as the fees in the form of the spread.

There are brokers here – especially the ECN brokers – who offer very favorable spreads and are therefore preferred by many traders. But other comparison criteria are very important, such as the number of tradable currency pairs and/or CFDs, whether a demo account is offered, and if one can trade on a mobile device.

Overall, there are many points to consider when comparing binary options brokers and forex brokers. Trader’s comparisons, tests, and testimonials give traders the features, terms, and benefits that make it relatively easy to find more about binary vendors.

The Top 4 Binary Options Brokers
We have made extensive comparisons and included real customer testimonials in our binary broker test. Even though every trader has different demands for the binary options provider, the following four brokers have emerged as absolute top providers.

IQ option
IQ Option is a binary options provider that has been active in the market since 2013, with various regulations and recognitions, as well as deposit insurance. The broker specializes in offering binary options trading, specifically call and put trading. In addition, traders can opt for the broker for the turbo options, which have a maturity of less than a minute. A real plus for traders with IQ Option is that it is possible to open an account with an amount of just 10 USD/GBP/EUR! The minimum trading amount is only 1 USD (or EUR/GBP;) the maximum a trader can invest is 5,000 USD per trade. One dollar is the lowest minimum trading volume compared to other binary options providers. In addition to binary options, IQ Option clients can also trade classic options.

Another plus point in our binary options provider comparison is that even before registration, interested parties can use a non-binding demo account with $1,000 credit. So it is possible to first get an overview of the trading platform and the broker before a real money account is opened. With a return of up to 92 percent and a solid range of further training opportunities, IQ Option is also well positioned in these areas. However, the high yield trading is not offered. The binary options provider wants to offer its customers the best possible flexibility and therefore also enables trading via mobile devices via app.

IQ Option is a broker that should appeal to traders with a lower budget, as it has particularly favorable terms for opening an account and trading, and also offers a demo account, for which no previous deposit is required. That’s why it is currently considered the Best Binary Options Broker.

BDSwiss has a solid legal basis with CySEC regulation; this criterion should satisfy traders as a reliable binary broker. This includes the deposit insurance of customer funds up to an amount of 20,000 dollars. Beginners will also enjoy the low minimum deposit of only $100. The minimum trade sum is kept very beginner-friendly at $5. In addition, a 10 percent loss hedge is included in the trades and the maximum return is 85 percent.

The broker BDSwiss offered payment system include bank transfer, credit card, paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller, giving traders enough possibilities for financial transactions. The billing of the contracts takes place at real market prices. The customer uses the SpotOption 2.0 platform, which is one of the most popular trading platforms for binary options providers. Another important argument for BDSwiss is the wide range of tradable values; there are more than 250 underlying assets available. Only a few other binary options providers offer such a wide selection.

BDSwiss offers a comprehensive selection of tradable underlyings. Even the trading conditions are beginner-friendly, so it is not surprising that the broker is in the top spots in binary options providers.

24Option is also licensed by CySEC and must therefore comply with national and European guidelines. 24Option offers very good customer support, thus alerting traders that capital is always at risk. For the minimum deposit, the customer must invest $250. The minimum stake is $24 and is thus relatively high in comparison. However, 24Option is characterized by more than 100 tradable underlyings and numerous deposit and withdrawal methods. In addition, the broker offers mobile trading. The possible return depends on the selected type of trade.
It is not the best binary options provider, but is also not the worst.

This is one of the oldest and best known binary options providers. The broker has been on the market since 2009 and is also regulated by the Cypriot financial regulator CySEC. The maximum return on success is up to 85 percent or 380 percent in the high yield range. The loss coverage can be up to 25 percent. Currently, Anyoption offers the opportunity to bet on over 100 underlyings.

The minimum trade size is $25. To open an account, customers must deposit at least $200. For this, traders can use credit card, bank transfer, Giropay, or Skrill. However, customers can not try the trading platform via a Demo account with virtual credit before depositing, because Anyoption currently offers no free demo account. Anyoption is considered one of the most innovative brokers in the market and was the first provider of social trading for binary options.
Mobile trading is also possible at Anyoption.
Anyoption is an exceptionally innovative provider of binary options. As one of the oldest and best-known brokers, it has shaped binary options trading on internet. It offers good trading conditions, is customer-friendly, and also has a social trading feature.

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