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Blackwell Global Review 2020– Scam or Legit?

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Blackwell Global experience/test verdict: Good choice for advanced and professionals

Blackwell Global was founded in 2010 in New Zealand, but rapidly expanded to Australia and two years later to Europe. Since 2016, a branch is also located in London. The focus of the broker is on Forex trading; there are over 45 currency pairs available in this category. The number of underlyings in the CFD area is significantly lower, but important assets such as the DAX, gold, and oil are tradable. Trading at Blackwell Global is done via the MetaTrader 4.

The broker Blackwell Global is regulated by the FCA. All client funds are booked with the broker on segregated individual accounts. As a result, even in the unlikely event of a corporate insolvency, creditors have no access to investors’ capital. In addition, the funds are protected by the UK Deposit Guarantee Fund FSCS. Other important broker information is given to traders in this big Blackwell Global review/test.

The facts at a glance
Based in New Zealand, a separate subsidiary in the UK
Regulation by the British FCA
Maximum leverage of 1:400
Forex and CFDs trade over MT4
Mobile App
Support by phone, Skype, and email
Spread starting at 0.36 pips
Broker name: Blackwell Global
Broker type: Market Maker
Established in 2010
Headquarter in London
Regulated by FCA
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP
Account from $0
Payment methods: eWallets, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Max. Leverage: 400:1
Margin 0.25%
Spread on majors 1.6 pips for EUR/USD
Min Transaction size 0.1 lot
Number of currency pairs: 45+
Other financial instruments: CFD, precious metals
Trading Platform(s): MetaTrader 4
Mobile Trading: yes
Demo account yes
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more
Support available via email, live chat, hotline, & callback service

Trading with Blackwell Global
At Blackwell Global, the focus is clearly on the offer of CFD and Forex trading, with the number of currency pairs at 48 is significantly higher than that of the other CFDs. Traders can trade in gold, EUR/USD, oil, and the DAX. Even less well-known currencies such as the Australian dollar and the Norwegian krone can be found in the broker’s assortment. Depending on which of the three trading accounts traders choose, the maximum available leverage can be up to 1:400.

You always trade on the well-known MetaTrader 4. This is characterized by numerous functions:
With MetaTrader 4, fully automated trading strategies can be created using EAs. Through a connection to a community, it is even possible to exchange and discuss strategy proposals with other traders.
The platform has been steadily developed for more than ten years. As a result, the ease of use has been increased, allowing traders to access an easy-to-use software solution. For example, part of the interface is customizable, allowing even more efficient trading.
The analysis options are great. So, according to our Blackwell Global experience/review, more than 20 technical indicators and a comprehensive charting package are available.

Account opening
Whoever wants to open an account with the UK broker does not have to pay any fees, according to the Blackwell Global Review. Both the registration itself and the subsequent account management are free. As a currency account, investors can choose between EUR, USD, and GBP. During the registration process, which will be described in more detail below, investors must, among other things, provide information about their income and the financial situation. This is required by law before the FCA and is not intended for the arbitrary collection of data.

Customers of Blackwell Global will not only get access to MetaTrader 4, but also the broker’s training material. However, this is very manageable, because the company focuses mainly on experienced and advanced traders. Our Blackwell Global Review, however, shows that the broker regularly publishes market commentary and analysis. These help to make informed trading decisions.

Account opening at Blackwell Global
Blackwell Global already has many customers trading regularly with CFDs and Forex. However, there are new traders who are interested in opening an account. Basically, this is completed in just a few minutes and requires no technical knowledge. However, there are some peculiarities to be taken into account, such as the legitimacy, which is why our Blackwell Global review explains the steps, up to the first trade in more detail below.

First, investors must visit the broker’s website. Here you will quickly find a button that initiates the account opening. It opens a registration form, which consists of two different areas:

Traders must provide information about themselves, but they are general in nature. For example, the broker queries the date of birth and address. It is important that all this information is entered correctly in the input fields. Otherwise, it is not possible to open the account later.
The second part of the form consists of questions concerning the income and asset situation of the investor. These are sensitive data but must be inquired according to UK’s FCA rules. This is the only way to prevent unexperienced traders from trading risky financial products such as CFDs or Forex.
Once all the data have been entered in the form, the next step is taken.

Legitimization/Verification of given information
Unlike some competitors, Blackwell Global requires the legitimacy of all information, not just for the first time capital injection into your account. Thus, the broker wants to prevent complications directly in this approach. Verification requires uploading of the following documents:
Residence verification: Traders must confirm their residence. For this purpose, they upload current bank statements, on which bills of energy suppliers, the public utilities, or the TV provider can be found. Non-relevant information such as private purchases can be blacked out.
Personal data: The information about the identity of the trader must also be verified. All you have to do is scan the copy of a valid ID and then upload it as well.
It is important to check all entered data again. Only then should the documents be finally transmitted to Blackwell Global.

Review and deposit
Blackwell then reviews the trader’s data, but does it as quickly as possible. After a few hours or days, investors should receive a message that the account has been unlocked. As the Blackwell Global review/test shows, only then a deposit of capital can be made. Subsequently, you can then fully trade in any financial product.

Does the company offer a demo account?
For many traders, it is important that they can first test a broker without obligation. This is possible if the company offers a corresponding demo account – which is the case with Blackwell Global. For registration, traders must not explicitly go through the save process as for the traditional account. It is sufficient to have a valid e-mail address and to confirm it.

After that, traders can have full access to the MetaTrader 4 demo account. This does not differentiate between demo and live versions, so that actually a practical Blackwell Global test is possible. In demo account, of course, traders only use virtual money to participate in the financial markets. This offers advantages especially for newcomers, as they can venture their first steps into the market – without risk. By contrast, advanced and professional traders benefit from being able to test new trading strategies in the demo version. For here too, there are usually a few mistakes that can be found and optimized accordingly.

Our Blackwell Global test/review shows how customer-oriented the broker deals with when it comes to the trial version. Because investors can use the demo account as long as they want. A fixed term restriction does not exist on the part of the broker; however, traders usually open a real money account after 3 to 4 weeks. This is then easily registered from the demo account; it is practically done via a conversion. If you do not opt for Blackwell Global as a broker, you can easily delete your account. Also, for this there are no costs.

How many underlyings can be traded at Blackwell Global?
Basically, the forex trading at this broker is clearly in focus. Traders currently have 48 different underlyings in this category, but they also have access to 12 other CFDs. A detailed look at the offers:
Blackwell Global primarily offers known majors, i.e. combinations of USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and CHF for trading. However, these currencies can also be combined with other currencies that are less in demand. This opens up many opportunities for traders to avoid other markets during volatile market phases.
By contrast, in CFD trading, Blackwell Global relies exclusively on well-known underlyings. These include above all the Dow Jones, oil, and gold. Almost all underlying assets correlate with currencies, so that the possibilities for developing the strategy are extended accordingly.

Is the broker Blackwell Global safe for tradingt?
When trading forex and CFDs, traders can always lose capital. This is a risk that reputable brokers should always point out, although they are not responsible for it. Blackwell Global complies with this legal requirement by including a notice in both the terms and conditions and the home page itself.

However, trading security does not just mean pointing out the risk. In particular, the execution of the transactions themselves should be ensured by various mechanisms. Otherwise it is comparatively easy for hackers to intercept important trader data. Blackwell Global already points to the use of sophisticated IT security on the start page. The Infinitum system is considered one of the most secure systems in the world, so hackers have virtually no chance of stealing critical information.

The security is also rounded off by the fact that Blackwell Global already has a lot of experience in dealing with this sensitive topic. Because the company has been active in the markets for over 6 years, which is a comparatively long time for an online broker. Multiple revisions of the site have resulted in no incidents of hacking or other security vulnerabilities. In addition, Blackwell Global sets as mentioned on the MetaTrader 4 as a trading platform. Because it is used by hundreds of thousands of investors worldwide, the developers regularly update the software. Again, attacks are more than unlikely.

Does Blackwell Global provide Social Trading?
Social trading is a trading principle that is becoming increasingly popular with traders. Inexperienced investors can search for top traders via a platform and then follow them. Software then automatically copies all positions of the trader, allowing new-traders to benefit directly from the expertise of experienced investors. So far, Blackwell Global does not offer this service. Also, in the future it is unlikely that appropriate features will be implemented. Because the broker is aimed almost exclusively at advanced investors who want to make independent trading decisions.

Is there leverage offered at Blackwell Global?
A special feature of CFD and forex trading is that investors can trade with leverage. Simply put, it multiplies all profits and losses. However, its exact height depends heavily on the broker/trader; this determines the maximum values. At Blackwell Global, traders have access to a leverage of up to 1:400, which is quite a high value. This can generate high profits, especially in quiet market phases.

Deposit and withdrawal methods
If you want to trade for real with Blackwell Global, you must first deposit money into your account. For this, the broker provides four different means of payment:
Credit card
Bank Transfer
For all of these variants, traders pay no fee and should any charge is made during the payment process, Blackwell Global will pay it themselves out of goodwill. All transactions we tested in our own account were completed within a few minutes.
Exception: The bank transfer must first be checked by the banks, which takes around 1 to 3 working days.

If you want to withdraw the earned profits, you can use the same aforementioned four methods. Fees do not arise even when you withdraw money, however, there exists a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 required for bank transfers.

What contact options are available at Blackwell Global?
Broker Blackwell Global may be headquartered in New Zealand, but still offers Multilanguage support. One thing that stands out positively is how well the company can be contested in general. You can contact them via phone, e-mail, and Skype.

This way, traders also have the opportunity to have a personal conversation with one of the employees. The competent support team is available from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 19:00. In addition, the English colleagues are available around the clock during the week.

Outside of these times – i.e. on weekends – traders can send an email to the broker. It is also possible to arrange a callback. Then an employee will contact the trader at a desired time.

Is Blackwell Global reputable and trustworthy?
For the legitimacy of the broker, speaks above all its strict regulation by the British FCA. For years, the agency has been considered one of the most stringent in the world, so customers can count on Blackwell to be extremely secure & legit.

Added to this is the already mentioned principle of segregation, through which customer deposits are fully hedged. Even with the course settings, there were no incidents in which complications or even fraud allegations can raise. On the contrary, the successful company has already secured over 15 prestigious awards from the trade press. Specialist magazines from Australia and New Zealand dealt in detail with Blackwell Global.

PRO arguments
Regulation by the British FCA
Forex and CFDs trading with MT4
Mobile App
Demo account
Good support

CON arguments
Maximum leverage of 1:400
Somewhat high spreads

Blackwell Global review/test Conclusion: Good broker for advanced investors

As the Blackwell Global experience shows, the company is a very serious broker. Because the group is closely monitored by both the New Zealand financial regulator and the British FCA. In addition, Blackwell applies the principle of so-called segregation, which protects client funds in full.

In terms of the trade offers itself, the large selection of underlyings in the Forex area is especially convincing. Here, traders can choose from over 45 different currency pairs, so they not only have access to well-known majors, they can trade less known currencies such as the Australian dollar or the Norwegian krone. In addition, 12 more CFDs are available, with Blackwell deliberately limited to the most important underlyings. These include above all gold, oil, and indices such as Dow Jones & DAX.

In general, trading always takes place via the MetaTrader 4, which is characterized by a high degree of ease of use and many different options for creating automated trading strategies. The spreads to be paid by the investor start at just 0.39 pips at Blackwell Global, which seems a bit high doesn’t it?

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