September 20, 2021

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Use Your Web Browser Effectively to Earn More Money

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Many people register on various PTC websites and then do not know what to do at all. Thus, several hours pass and then they have 1 cent in 10 different places in the account. In order to avoid this, I want to explain how to proceed when clicking on ads and how to use the browser effectively in order to save time and thus make more money.

The choice of the browser
The first thing to say is that I personally prefer Mozilla Firefox. This, of course, is not a constraint. Google Chrome, for example, also performs very good and provides almost the same kind of service. If you want to make money online, I would advise against using Internet Explorer, because it often has problems on PTC sites. If you differ and have other opinion on this matter, then you can teach me what I am missing. :)

Browser Tabs
Each modern browser offers working in tabs. I’m saving myself at this point an explanation what that is… So it can be useful to open each PTC site, on which you are registered an account, in a separate tab. You then click on an advertisement on each page and move to the next tab. If you have gone through all site, then you can start again from the first one.

On some sites such as ClixSense, unfortunately, this does not work. The window must always remain in the foreground in order for the timer to run/start.

On many other sites, tabs can be used wonderfully. Clicksia and Incentria show you advertisements, that you can open a new tab, and the timer runs in the background.

Block advertising with AdBlock – blocks annoying ads
If the advertising in any particular PTC site is annoying, then I can recommend using AdBlock Plus. It is an addon for Firefox and Chrome, which automatically blocks annoying advertising and makes it possible for images that you do not like to never be displayed again.

Note: on some pages/sites, Adblock can create some problems; for example, the timer can stop or run improperly. If you face this kind of issue, then simply disable the Adblock add-on.

Organize pages with bookmarks
If you are logged in many different Paid to Click sites, then you will quickly lose track of the website-addresses; it is not feasible to try to remember tons of website names/URLs.
The favorites/bookmarks can help in this regards. Since you can arrange all pages cleanly, you can excess all sites in the future with only one click. This can help you open sites quickly, which means you start earning money quickly too.

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