September 20, 2021

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My Experience with BuxP – Honest Review

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With BUXP, another classic American PTC provider joins my Review/Test list. But in this site, you are not only paid for the click on advertisements, but also for watching videos and completing surveys.

You will find whether BuxP can prevail against the strong competition in this review/report.

Main Points
Category: Paid to click, surveys, video calls, visitor exchanges, Facebook likes
Earning money per day: 20 to 40 ads; 0.1 to 0.6 cents. More money with bonus promotions possible
Bonus Stuff: Paid video views, surveys, paid signups, and more!

0.05 to 0.3 cents for each ref
Higher commissions for Premium members
Lifetime Sale Commissions
Referrals can be rented

Payout limit: $6.99
Duration: Up to 30 days
Payout Types: PayPal and Payza

Info (last update: Aug. 2017)
Online since May 2008
More than 330,195 members
More than 541,228 dollars paid out

Earning Opportunities
A click is paid at BuxP with 0.1 to 0.6 cents. This is not exactly a lot but there are a lot of active ads, so you can earn a nice sum. Unlike most other sites, BuxP also offers erotic/pornographic ads if you activate them in the user account [not sure what to make of it; if it a plus or negative point? :) ]

BuxP Earning Opportunities 84% Rating
The overall picture is actually good. The other earning opportunities at BUXP are very good. Fill out surveys, sign in to other sites, comment on videos, and then there is that traditional traffic exchange. However, the confirmation of participation in an action may take a little time, as this is dependent on several third parties. You can also create your own actions on BuxP and, for example, pay members to sign up via your own Referral-link on another paid to click site. The money earned online can be invested well on BuxP if you want to generate some traffic.

For some time now, BuxP also offers the clicking of Facebook likes. For a like, there are a few cents that you earn. If you have an old Facebook profile, you can earn a few dollars from this.

Referral Program: Rating 80%
The referral program from BUXP is simple and good. Unfortunately, there is only one ref level; you can refer unlimited number of people. In addition, already registered users who have been referred by no one can be purchased by you as your referrals. Whether this is worthwhile is not guaranteed as you never know whether the purchased referral is going to be active and that the money you paid for it actually repays.
Standard members get up to $0.003 for a referral click, after an upgrade it’s doubled.

Ease of Use
BuxP Homepage: Rating 80%
The site is clear and works fast. You can use all functions without problems and without any kind of explanations. Nevertheless, the design sometimes seems immature, but in no way interferes with making money.
The User menu provides a good overview of the referrals and the clicks made, and the forum is very helpful too. The optional toolbar for the browser completes the whole package is a nice comfy way.

Trust: Rating 90%
300,000+ Active Members
Since 2008, BUXP offers reputable advertising platform. Most users I have talked to are very satisfied.

Payouts: Rating 75%
$500,000+ (previously disbursed)
BUXP pays reliably and quickly, as you can see in many ways. From $6.99 you can apply for a payout, which can sometimes take quite a long time.

Positive points:
Many methods for earning money
Online since 2008
Visitor exchange program
Premium membership possible

Negative points:
Outdated design
Long payout time
Only one referral level

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