July 29, 2021


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Carmakers want EPA’s Chief to pull-out from Obama’s Fuel/Emission rules

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February 22, 2017 – Carmaker giants are all on the same page when it comes to beating the Fuel and Emission reduction plans for car models 2022-2025, which Obama administration proposed and implemented during their tenure. These new rules are part of Obama Action Plan. These new standards are for light-weight vehicles. One of the key changes carmakers have to make in order to comply with the future standards is to bring the average car mileage all the way up to 54.5 mpg [miles per gallon.]

This is more than double of what the current average mpg of light-weight cars and trucks is. Back in 2012, the motor industry agreed to making these changes; I wonder why they did that? I mean, why did they agree to these new standards? It is quite clear to me that achieving these goals is a very difficult task.

Now four years later, the same carmakers are suddenly realizing that they might not be able to produce cars that comply with the proposed fuel efficiency standards. Achieving ~55 mpg is absurd; I don’t know if this is even possible with the conventional car designs. Without putting electric engines [or without developing some new technology,] making cars that can give 55 mpg is very unlikely to happen. The auto industry should have raised their concerns back in 2012 when Obama administration was making their plans to protect the environment.

Today, a spokesman representing several automakers [like GM, Toyota, etc.] urged that the new EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] chief, Scott Pruitt, should pull-out from Obama’s proposed fuel/emission efficiency plans. United States Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for implementing the laws and regulations designed to protect the environment as well as the health of human beings. Formed in 1970, EPA is now a major regulation agency in USA.

It is monitoring the state of pollution in air, water, and on the land. Ironically, President Trump chose Mr. Scott Pruitt to lead this agency. As you might have heard, it is a wide spread belief that Pruitt does not believe in “Climate Change.” If this is true, then his thinking is more or less like Mr. Trump who once said that Climate Change is a Hoax!

I do believe that Obama’s proposed plan to increase the fuel efficiency of light-weight cars and trucks to almost 55 mpg is a long-stretch, so it would be wise to revise the whole plan and to come up with some new standards, which are actually implementable. But I also fear that the greedy carmakers will try to bring the standards down too much. They would love to keep making the same fuel inefficient cars. They don’t want to invest money on research and to build new technologies.

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