April 23, 2021


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Which format can Honda Civic 2005 CD player/changer play?

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Which formats can the CD changer, or player play? I am talking about the CD player that comes built-in with Civic 2005. I burned a CD disc with few songs in MP3 format, why isn’t it playing them?


Honda Civic 2005 is factory fitted with a Kenwood KDC-C719 compact disc auto-changer.
Where most car disc-players support .WMA format, this one does not. It is one of the worst CD-changers, or player I have dealt with. I failed to find any information on the internet about the format it supports. Some sites say it supports CD, CD-R, CD-RW; others simply say it support CD Audio.

As far as I can tell, .CDA[compact-disk-audio] is the only file extension I could find on a disc which this player was able to play. CDA, or Compact Disc Digital Audio is the only format that seems to work in this cd changer. I have tried to play the following formats in this player MP3, WMA, RM; none of them worked.

If you have this CD changer and you are planning to burn songs on CDs to play in it, then my suggestion is to stop now and throw away this no-good disc player. Nowadays, we use Flash drives and MP3 format to play songs; using CDs or even DVDs is a thing of past. You are better off buying a new USB media player.

In my Civic 05, I installed a touch-screen USB car player. It supports all kinds of file extensions, both audio and video. Replacing Kenwood KDC-C719 with this new USB-player was one of the best decisions I ever made. I purchased a very good USB-player for a very low price. Nowadays, cost of these players is very affordable.

There is another factor to consider. The audio system in Civic 2005 comes in two parts. The audio player is in the dashboard where the CD-changer is beneath the front passenger seat. So if you want to listen to a CD, you will have to pull the CD-changer out from under the seat then insert the CD and finally push it back. This is a waste of time and a very incontinent way to change or add CDs, or songs.

The stock audio player in Civic 2005 is worthless; there is plenty of room in the dashboard so you can get yourself a nice looking USB sound system, or player.

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