January 23, 2021


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Clicksia – A Good PTC Site that Closed Down Too Soon

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A Blast From The Past!

NOTE: Clicksia was a PTC website which was closed by its owner back in 2012, I think. Back in those days, I really enjoyed earning money from this small but a very wonderful website. I wanted to write a review for it, but never had the time. Today, something reminded me of this PTC website so I thought I should write my review now even though the website is no longer online. It’s my way of saying good bye to this company; it’s never too late right?

A PTC site like any other or does it have something special to offer?
Clicksia is a paid to click website like many out there. With my review, you can finally find out if this PTC site is any different than the others. I have some sympathy points to give, in this review you can read why…

Money per ad: 0.1 – 0.5 cent
Ads per day: 5-8
Earnings per day: 1.5 cents

Other earning opportunities:
Polls – Registration – Visitor Exchange – PTP

Payout Limit: $1
Duration of payout: about 1 week

Payout types:
PayPal | AlertPay
Maximum Referrals: Unlimited

Level: 1
Referrals are rentalable
Upgrade-to-Elite: 1 year = $50

More available advertising and more merit through referrals + more general merit/points

Administrator: William Jackson
Online Since: August 2007
Contact: clicksia [dot] com/support.php

Money that you earn through ads is less compared to what is shown as in advertisements. The per click money advertised is rarely received at Clicksia, however, the per-click in the user account will, at least, not be 0. :)

Most of the ads are available at the start of the day and you can then worry about it all day long. For a click, you don’t get a lot of money at CLICKSIA (usually 0.1 cents.)
Unfortunately, many ads are geo-specific and can only be viewed for visitors from USA or some other specific country. As a user from India, Pakistan, or other similar Asian countries, one’s account is not blank but there is much less to click than in English speaking countries.

Other earning opportunities:
The complete offers category conceals numerous surveys and tasks that can be performed against financial rewards. Most are paid with 10 cents; for an easy registration or an online game, you don’t even have to play it. It is perfectly OK to do just the minimal to get the job done. However, you should be careful with signing up for Newsletters and giving your email address information; it is exclusively about advertising sites which, of course, want to bring to you interesting material by the means of electronic mail.

In addition to these offers, Clicksia is still offering an attractive traffic exchange (visitor Exchange) system.
At least 100 different advertisements can be viewed in a day. For a viewed ad, you get 0.8 credits. 1 credit can then be converted into a visit for your own website. If you view these ads and confirm them by waiting for 10 seconds, then you can easily generate 100 visitors for your own website. Ideal for web site hobbyists who want to drive the visitor counter a little higher.

Alternatively, you can invite visitors to other PTC sites where you are registered and hope to get some referrals there.
In addition, Clicksia offers banners that you can use to promote their website. For each click on this banner by real people, you can get 0.01 cents.

The number of referrals you can advertise is unlimited. However, there is only one referral level, for that statistic is good.
So the referral program from Clicksia is not bad, but it could be better, especially because you can’t really earn a lot from the refs.

Clicksia is clearly arranged and modern. In addition to good statistics, an extensive help page and an English-speaking forum is offered.

This PTC site has been online since 2007, since then it has paid its users on time and there have never been any complaints. That’s all I need to say.

From a dollar, you can transfer the balance to your own PayPal or alert pay account. This happens within a week.

It’s Sufficient
With Clicksia you won’t get rich, it’s a slow money making machine. But if you are looking for a stable and reputable source of income on the Internet, then Clicksia is highly recommended.

[I thought Clicksia would make a comeback but it never did. Good Bye :( ]

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