September 20, 2021

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ClixSense Now Has Many New Paid Offers!

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Paid surveys/offers were available in limited quantity on this classic paid-to-click site, ClixSense, up until few months ago; there were few offers but they were still something very special. This year, ClixSense has made a lot of changes to their business model, but their overall business is booming. Nowadays, on almost all PTC sites, you can now find the category “offers.” ClixSense, as usual, has one of the best offers system.

Neobux started offers system a few years ago; even a large English paid-to-click site can disappoint you with their paid tasks/offers. Unfortunately, I was not so enthusiastic about the presented system of NEOBUX. Some offers did not work, most of them cost money and they were awkwardly converted between Neopoints, Neocoins, and US Dollars. This works relatively well overall and thus can earn a lot of money but it is not the perfect solution.

Finally, ClixSense is now showing a lot more paid offers
I was delighted when the offers were introduced a few years ago at ClixSense. If you are already familiar with other paid surveys and offers such as provided by COSSMOS24, you will be able to get along with the offers system of ClixSense easily. The available offers are shown to most users. In addition to registering with survey portals, there is still fresh wind in ClixSense offers. For example, playing a free online shooter may give you a $1 reward.

This clearly makes you want more of such offers. Unfortunately, in the past, not many of them were available. Nevertheless, I am already enthusiastic about the ClixSense increasing the quantity of offers. The transfer of the money earned online to the user account at ClixSense is often done immediately after confirmation of the participation.

I also suspect that the available offers will be significantly increased in the next few weeks, so that you can really make money online quickly. For example, you get $16 if you buy an item at one of the advertised sites. That’s a lot of money, and you can be curious about what’s going on. Well, you can consider this somewhat like a rebate :)

At ClixSense, you also earn money when your referrals complete offers.

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