July 29, 2021


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How to recover P7P55D motherboard corrupted bios?

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What can I do to recover Asus P7P55D motherboard bios if it is corrupted? I was trying to update the bios to the latest version, but things got out of hand when my PC turned off during the update process due to electric power shutdown. Is there any easy way to recover from this disaster?


Asus is one of the premium companies who make excellent quality products and they put lot of good features in them too. Recovering from corrupted bios is normally a very tedious job, but Asus and similar companies have made it super easy for us to update or recover bios!

To recover your Asus P7P55D bios, simply put the support DVD/CD, which comes with the motherboard, in your PC’s optical disk drive. Turn on your computer with your fingers crossed. :) There is a good chance that you will recover your motherboard’s bios in the next few minutes; however, sometimes hardware/software complications can make bios recover a lot harder and in some cases, impossible. :(

This motherboard has a built-in feature that you can use to quickly recover bios; it’s called Asus CrashFree Utility. When you start your PC with the support disc inside the optical-drive, this tool will automatically start and will guide you through the whole recovery-process. The best part is that this utility is GUI based, so you don’t need to type any commands.

What if you have previously updated your motherboard’s bios to a newer version?

If you have updated P7P55D bios to a newer version, which is higher than the version of bios in the support disc then the above solution won’t work. You need to download the latest bios from the manufacturer’s, Asus, website and use it in the repair process. Download the bios and copy it to a flash drive. Remove motherboard support-disc and use this flash drive [which contains the latest bios,] instead. You can insert the flash drive in any USB ports. Your motherboard will check all USB ports; it will start CrashFree utility and use the bios you put in the flash drive.

If you tried the above method and your motherboard’s bios is still corrupted, then you should give EZ Flash 2 utility a try; it is another tool Asus makes to let us update bios using a simple GUI interface.

The bios would be really messed-up if above solutions fail to work; you should contact Asus support and ask for help. Also, try their Forum/community. There are other hardware forums where you can find useful solutions; one of them might work for you.

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