September 20, 2021

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Crazy Amazon Offers – Cruise to the real Titanic and more!

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It doesn’t always have to be a topic about making money on my website, right? Saving [and perhaps spending it too :) ] money and a little laughter are also part of my job.

eBay has always been known for good bargains but also silly and whimsical auctions, because not everyone earns online their money by doing online jobs. On eBay, some rent a piece of their skin as advertising-space, others offer a hair that they have found on the street with the aptly named title “Last known hair of Michael Jackson – Fresh from the corpse.”

But eBay is no longer the only online shop that offers such whimsical objects. Amazon has clearly gained a lot of fame in recent years; after all, now everyone can buy whatever they want from Amazon and in some cases, one can receive it within hours/minutes via Drone delivery.
That’s why I’m using this article to introduce some of the Amazon offers [old and new.] With this featured article, you can learn to save money [I think,] laugh, or get ideas about what scrap you need to make money on internet and maybe even become a seller.

  1. Amazon offer – Dive trip to Titanic
    The classic movie can now be seen in 3d with the Titanic in the cinema, but a much more impressive is a look at the real Titanic. With a submarine, you can reach the wreck and see it close by. For a ridiculously low price of $49,999 [laugh] you can hardly say no.
    PS: Be sure to read the comments on Amazon.
  2. Amazon offer – the cheapest mobile phone
    Why does it always have to be an expensive smartphone if there is a beautiful mobile phone for much less money? Who needs an Apple phone if there is a Nokia or Samsung phone for less than 100 dollars?
  3. Amazon offer – a nice bottle of champagne for your girlfriend
    You’re fed up with the cheap booze of Aldi and you want to try a good sip? Amazon has the solution and again, there are very amusing product and reviews to help to decide which one is best for you.
  4. Amazon offer – The number 1 [Wild One]
    This number is the first integer after the 0. Who doesn’t want them at home? With this well-formed digit as a decorative item, you will make every visitor of your apartment envious.
    Many beautiful decorations are available at very reasonable price.

I hope I could show you with today’s article some ideas that can help you make, or save, some money on internet. Maybe you have an innovation in stock with which you want to inspire the masses. Just try to sell your idea via Amazon, no matter how scrap you think it is. I would be very happy to see a presentation of your product or idea.

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