September 20, 2021

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Easyhits4U Is More Than Just a Visitor Exchange Site

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EasyHits4U is a manual traffic Exchange site in the classic sense. You visit other websites and advertisements, and in return, you get visits to your own website. Whether EasyHits4U is any better than many other traffic exchange sites, you can read about it here in this review.

The visitor exchange is started via a button, you have the choice whether you want to view the pages for 15 or 20 seconds in order to receive accordingly 0.5 or 1 point(s), which can be converted into visits to your own page. This is more than fair, you visit a page and your own is also visited once/one-time.
Once the time has elapsed, you have to click on a small picture to confirm your stay.
The acquired points are partly automatically distributed to their own pages. As a free user, at least 30% of the points are automatically distributed; on request, the system can also take 100% of the points automatically. Premium users are free to choose the percentage.

The timer will continue to run when you surf on other pages, so you can also get a lot of points through the occasional switch to EasyHits4U and a click.

If you want to receive visitors for your own site or to invite many users to join some PTC site via your referral-link, then EasyHits4U offers a surprisingly large number of possibilities. Under “My Sites,” you save as a free user up to 15 pages, on whose activation one does not even have to wait and can get started immediately. Here, points are distributed to their own sites and statistics on the visits are presented in a good manner.

When you create a new advertising page, you can choose from a variety of configuration options.
How long do you want the page to appear? Where should the visitors come from and what user-language you want and much more…
There is also the possibility to create a “rotator.” This is a link under which several separate pages are hidden, which are then randomly displayed to the visitor. So you just have to share one link to others, and you will be advertising several pages using a single link.
You can also create your own text ads and banners.

For every referral that has visited 100 pages, you get a unique 10 Cent bonus. You will also receive a portion of the points of referrals and there are 5 levels. Also useful is the ability to contact the referred users to motivate them to surf more and to get more points.
If a ref buys a product at EasyHits4U, you get 40% of the money.

The menus of Easyhits4U are unfortunately partially nested, but the start of the visitor exchange works wonderfully fast.
Lately, the site often had to contend with short outages that never lasted longer than a few minutes, even loading the next advertisement can take a bit, but the grandiose features of the site let the us quickly forget all about these small issues.
I have not been able to find an official forum, yet.

This traffic Exchange site has been online for almost 14 years and has a lot of happy users. On the internet, you will find very few negative feedback for this company.

For visiting 1000 pages, you receive 30 cents credited to your user account. From three dollars, you can request a withdrawal/pay-off, which is fast and reliable. If you run the site alongside your normal surfing sites like Facebook, you can earn as much money as with a conventional PTC site.

This site offers great features for surfers and advertisers with which you can quickly get visitors and referrals. For regular surfing, you also get a small allowance, nice!

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