July 29, 2021


Using the power of internet to make life easy

Exploring career options using internet to find the right career path

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The diversity of finding a career by exploring your options would not be possible without the internet. Most kids prior to the internet went into a family business. Some went into any area that was hiring where the employer gave them a chance or something that met their local need. After years of the same job people become comfortable and the life they were basically forced into is not a career they wanted or a job they knew they could truly be good and excel at.

With the internet I do not believe there is a career out there that you could not research. This is so important because if I had a medical issue I would not want a doctor doing surgery on me while dreaming of being a painter in Paris because his Dad taught him and forced him into the medical field.

Researching careers on the internet allows an individual to expand their options of things they never thought they would do or dream of doing.

I have always had a passion for business. I started a DJ business with a small PA system and speakers when I was 12 years old. I had my own business card and distributed flyers throughout our small community. Being 12 years old I done quite well with a few children’s birthday parties and even weddings. However there are multiple different aspects of business. I have researched this on the internet extensively and being in Future Business Leaders of America for 6 years has helped me narrow down what I want to do. I chose business marketing as a major. However during a search on the internet trying to figure out what I wanted to minor in. I discovered photography was a great option to go hand and hand with business marketing. I took year book in high school and began using photography during sports and various school activities and discovered I loved it.

If I had the desire to be a Doctor or work in the medical field simply watching Grey’s anatomy on the television was not going to cut it. However research on the internet opens so many options to explore about this career. I can watch videos on child delivery. I can watch videos on actual surgeries and papers written from actual people from the medical profession. I can also do research on the academic requirement for this profession.

I believe so many young adults go into college with a basic general idea of what they want to do as far as a career without doing any research. This leads to a lot of wasted money and time changing majors.

Before searching for a career on the internet it is best to really evaluate your own personality. If you have anxiety you may not want to be in an environment that requires public speaking or being around a lot of people. Maybe you love nature and want a career where you can be outdoors.

There is the same glory in a job from being the president of the United States to having a career in trash collecting which I like to call a garbologist . The key to success is loving your job and being good at it. The more you love your job the better you will be at it and the more passionate you will be to ensure you are just a happier person. This will take research on the internet because each person is different. There are careers on the internet that will lead you to various other career ideas you may have never dreamed of.

Like I expressed earlier, I knew business was my passion. Until I researched the different business careers I was amazed at how many type of careers there were in business. The research was daunting and tiring but when I found my interest it was a major sense of relief which brought excitement.

I have the most admiration to those that chose a career in serving and protecting our community and our country. But without researching the internet these heroes’s still have to choice their jobs. Will law enforcement decide to work on the road or will they go into forensic science or thousands of specialist areas? The military is the same way. I would research Special Forces to transportation to working in the kitchen if that was my passion.

During your research you may find opportunities to do an actual internship in some of the career choices to help you decide what would be the best option for you.

Due to the technology today there is really no reason for parents, friends, teachers, and school counselors not insisting students have the opportunity to explore the many different careers available to us. So many ideas are open to those of that chose to initiate the time and effort to get on line and search.

Written By: David Cook

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