July 29, 2021


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Exploring Career Options Using Internet

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In applying to college in the fall of 2016, and selecting my career choice of Accounting with a Management Degree, I have to my surprise, realized that Engineering and Accounting go hand in hand. Engineering is very math and computer oriented, as well as Accounting. In Accounting, we take similar courses like Computer Science, Math, Science, as well as Psychology and Management. I find that both require good math and critical thinking skills. Engineers as well as Accountants must be creative individuals, so that their business can grow. They must both have good people skills. Generally, I believe and have researched that with an Accounting degree you will always have a job; Engineering can be difficult if you cannot find the specific job you are looking for. Pay is pretty comparable, if you choose to become a CPA. I will take the CPA exam once I graduate, and years in the field of Engineering will both bring profitable salaries.

From the many blogs I have read, most people say that in engineering, you must be very good in Calculus and there is much more to learn in Math. It is very difficult if you are not a great Math/Calculus student who can be a critical thinker and be a problem solver. Accounting is learning more laws and ethics. After reading the many articles and people’s opinions, I felt Accounting was something I would enjoy, bring a great salary and be profitable in years to come. With an Accounting background, I can go into any company and do their books or manage the department. I love numbers, I love people, and I love working. I feel I made the right decision, and look forward to the many things I will learn. My plan is to intern in a large well-known company, that I can learn from.

The internet has so much information regarding what career you want to choose, the starting salary, the courses you will take, and information on the career itself. This information may make you excited to choose that career or happy to realize it’s not for you. Research is very important before choosing a career; instead of jumping into something that you know nothing about, and may need to change later. You will waste time and money. You can also search on the Internet the colleges that provide a specific career choice and make sure, it’s accredited. I know for a fact that anything you choose, with lots of research, brings a calm to you. Feeling that you made the right choice and knowing you wasted no time. My time was well spent on online researching and I got all the information that I needed. Now, I can go into college and learn with a clear head.

The internet is powerful in many ways because you are hearing all different opinions, from many different people. Best of all, you are hearing from the people in those careers, giving you feedback on what they think. Whether it is someone who is an Engineer and who thought finding a specific job, like Civil Engineering, was difficult; or an Electrical Engineer who thought there were No jobs in this field. Some people said that they went from Engineering into Accounting because their jobs were laid off. Whatever the case may be, online research is always the best course to take.

The internet plays a role in determining which colleges to choose, where the location of the colleges are, what you may want to choose as a minor, and how that can work for you. I researched that Management can be profitable and brings a larger salary. Finance is great, if you want to be a Stock Broker or Money Manager. Whatever it is you choose, you can learn about it online; like what options and choices you have and compare salaries of each career. Make sure it [the career] is worth your time, and always choose what you will enjoy. You want to enjoy what you do. This will always bring you happiness and a higher paycheck. Your job is fun when you love what you do.

Internet is great for researching for the companies you want to work with. Make sure the company is profitable and that the company has a pension, 401k plan, or 401k plan match program, health benefits, eye plan, and stock options you can purchase. This makes your career even more lucrative. Check if it’s a large or a small company, and how it can benefit youand your family. See what they provide in days off, sick leave, bereavement leave, and maternity leave. This is going to benefit you and your family in the long run. Compare companies against each other, and then submit your resume and applications to the company that will benefit you the most.

Internet also plays a vital role in applying for scholarships. Without these scholarships, it would be impossible, for some students, to attend college. These scholarships give us the opportunity to take off some of the burden [that comes in the form of annual fee every year] from our shoulders.

Article Author: Patrick A. Kennedy

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  1. The internet is such a great tool to assist in career choices and almost seen as a necessity in exploring career options.

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