January 23, 2021


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GetPaid4Typing is 100% Scam! No payment, only lies!

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If you are thinking about joining getpaid4typing (dot) net, then stop and first read this article. Getpaid4typing is 100% scam; the site is run by a scammer who lives in India, which by the way is a 3rd world country. Do you really expect to make money by joining a dubious looking website that an individual who lives in India is running?

What kind of scam is in-play at Getpaid4typing?

As far as I know, getpaid4typing won’t steal money from you; it only wastes your time, actually a lot of it. If you browse through the website, you can clearly see that it is not a company. The website contains few pages that even a child can make.

When you choose to join getpaid4typing, the site tells you to complete the registration form on the right-hand side and then click on a link to download a file. If you click on the download file link, it redirects you to a subdomain at Weebly [weebly is a company that allows users to make blogs/sites free of cost.] After you choose a location, they give you the following instructions:


Do you understand what they are making you do? These ***** who is running this website are making very little money when users complete an offer. These offers are like surveys or paid advertisements; when you click on them, the owner of getpaid4typing makes a few cents. This cheap scam bas**** is wasting innocent people’s time to make money for himself [probably few cents per survey.] He is running a complete fraud business and everything written on his website is a lie. They say it is for verification, which is a very stupid lie.

Also, there is no connection between your signup and downloading the file, which actually is a way to make you click/view Advertisements. You can download the “file” without signing up. So, how exactly are they giving you an assignment??? This is rubbish!

There are numerous spelling mistakes and the content is poorly written. He cannot even spell Asian correctly! [unless he means Association of Southeast Asian Nations]


Ok, what if you complete the offer [that is, click/view advertisements] and download the file? Well, nothing happens and here is why. The following image is showing the Terms and Conditions page at getpaid4typing:


Apart from the spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, there are some other interesting things to notice. For instance, they choose only 10 people every month to whom they give assignments. Hmm, so why did I click on the link to download the so-called assignment file? Shouldn’t they give this file to only 10 people that they choose? That is not all, it is also mentioned that they won’t pay for the first assignment you do. Do you understand the scam they are running? The person, who is running getpaid4typing, is bidding on online jobs at freelance websites like guru.com. He applies for simple typing, writing articles, and other kinds of jobs. When he wins, or gets a job, he simply sends the work to one of his victims to do. I am guessing that more than 100 people are joining getpaid4typing every day, so he has a huge list of people to whom he can give the work to. For instance, if he receives a job to write five articles, he sends this job as an assignment to not one but few different people. After the victims send him the articles, he chooses the best 5 articles and send them to his client at the freelance website. The real ******* is that he does not contact the victims after they have completed one assignment; as mentioned before, the terms and conditions states that you will not get paid for your first assignment. Once a person completes his or her first assignment, owner of getpaid4typing then makes no further contact with this person. He simply gives his next project to other people who are doing their first assignment.

If you ask getpaid4typing why he [or they, whatever!] is not giving you anymore work, then don’t expect a reply. Actually, they can simply tell everybody that they didn’t like the quality of work you did in your first assignment. I think the owner of getpaid4typing is trying [hard] to avoid doing anything for which he would get in trouble with law enforcement. He is not directly stealing money, at least for now. He is running a low-profile scam, but you can easily see what he is doing and why it is a scam. Hopefully, the police or any other law enforcement agency will soon catch this scammer.

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14 thoughts on “GetPaid4Typing is 100% Scam! No payment, only lies!

  1. This is quite true.
    Once you sign in, they want you to complete one of the three offers. They say it’s to support the expenses of the free job offering website.

    Just exactly as they requested, I joined, did the typing test and completed one of the so called offers they provide to unlock my assignment. Not once, but twice. But they NEVER let me download the assignment although it mentioned I can. Every time you click on it, they forward you to another offer. And this keeps on repeating. I complained the mofos but they were gone.


  2. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. God bless you. Please help me get any graphics designing job online, video editing and Sound engineering job please.

  3. If India is a 3rd world country then you are a third class people. You should be ashamed of yourself. Stinky se*ual white tr**h.

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