January 27, 2021


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Gmail Tips- Logout, Adding Contacts, Conversation View

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Google have changed Gmail Interface; in this new design, how can I log-out? I don’t see any Log-out link, anywhere. Why did Google make it so hard to do such a basic and simple task?


In the newly designed Gmail, you might think that logging-out is difficult but it’s not. Different yes, not it is neither complicated nor challenging to find where log-out button is. On the top-right, corner of your monitor screen; look for, your photo or the photo placeholder as shown in below image.


Click on it; a small window will show up. “Sign Out” option is available inside this window on bottom-right side.





How can I add new contacts in Gmail?


To add new contacts to your Gmail account, follow these steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account, if you already are not.
2. At top-left side, you can see Gmail label with a drop-down arrow, as shown in below picture.



Left click on it and then select “Contacts.”



This opens a new page where you can see all your Gmail contacts:



Click on “NEW CONTACT”:



Here, you can add a new contact. You can enter the name, email, phone, etc. when adding new contacts.




I get repeated email alerts from some website, and I cannot seem to unsubscribe. I use a service where email alerts are compulsory. Is there any way to mark all these email alerts automatically as “Read”?


Similar kind of emails that you receive, you can mark all as read automatically via creating Filters. Open the email you want to automatically mark as read:



Click on “More” and choose “Filter messages like these.”



You should now see a new window with several options. Gmail allows you to filter messages based on the sender’s email address or the Subject of the email, and there are other options too. I personally filter messages based on the “Subject” of the emails. Provide the filter criteria and then click on “Create filter with this search.”



Next, select the action you want Gmail to take. I use “Mark as read.”





Gmail used to show new messages as separate emails but now Gmail shows emails with the same topic in one email [Threaded/Conversation Mode.] How can I select the Un-threaded mode? How can I disable the Conversation Mode/View?


Follow these steps to disable Gmail conversation view. Open Gmail Settings:



Click on General:



Here, select “Conversation view off.” Then scroll down and click on Save Changes:


5 thoughts on “Gmail Tips- Logout, Adding Contacts, Conversation View

  1. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but I cannot add new contacts in my gmail account. This is frustrating me. How is something so easy not happening or me???

    Can someone help me???

    1. which browser are you using? have you read the article above? have you showed the steps for adding new contacts that are shown above?

  2. I never worried about logging out from my gmail account until today when I had to use a public pc. 3G was not working and I had to check my mail. When it was time to log out, boom, I couldn’t find any logout link. WOW, I said and was so tense as I had to go, which meant some stranger would use this pc and if I cannot figure out a way to log-out, I can say goodbye to my email account.

    Sometimes when you are nervous, you can’t even do simplest of tasks. Anywho, I used the internet god [aka GOOGLE] to find the answer ;)

  3. thank brother,

    this is exactly what i was looking for. i’ve been there receiving tons of unnecessary emails and having no way to stop them. I select to archive them.

    one thing, when creating a filter i also select “Also apply filter to matching conversations.”


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