September 20, 2021

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GTX 1070 Broken: Can I save it by simply baking it?

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After nearly two years, my Nvidia GTX 1070 failed. By baking, I was able to save the graphics card from going to disposal.

That was incredibly annoying; “Battlefield V” just came out and I wanted to indulge my hobby. But after a round, nothing worked in my PC. The screen showed only stripes, after a reboot, the system booted in a ridiculously low resolution. Diagnosis, the graphics card had given up, judging by the error image, something was wrong with the GDDR memory. In the first step, I tried to contact the manufacturer but I wasn’t able to claim the warranty in time. The GTX 1070 was purchased for just under $500 in December 2016. Around two and a half years after the acquisition, it came to a halt. The short answer or solution was to buy a new graphics card, the old one is done! Well, thank you but I would like to not give up that easily. There must be something I can do. And indeed, by baking, I saved my graphics card from being scrapped.

Bake the video card, please?
It acts like a cheap trick to send a hardware cruelly over fire. To use a defective card again, you can put it in an oven, say many users on websites. But first, it was hard to believe this story, and secondly, you do not want to ruin it anymore. But the theory sounds plausible, frequent heating and cooling can lead to cold solder joints in the memory modules. Due to the slow and controlled heating of the hardware, it should be possible to repair the solder joints (at least temporarily.) And since I had nothing to lose, I decided to make an attempt!

How much degrees? How long?
To be honest, after the frustrating correspondence with the manufacturer I almost did not care what happened to the card. Before baking, I removed all the components from the board, which were attached with screws – so coolers, sheets, plastic junk. After that was done, the card came into the preheated oven at 100 degrees for half an hour. Take the oven to 200 degrees and another five minutes on the plate. Full of doubt, I let the card cool down afterwards.

It’s alive!
Renew heat paste, put cooler back again and all sheets back into place. Then into the housing, a short prayer – and here we go! The computer booted, Windows beamed in its original 4K magnificence on the monitor. My goodness, the card is back! That was in NOV 2018. Now it’s two months later, and the card does its duty almost daily with no issues what so ever. Who would have thought this kind of baking can actually work?
Would I do it again? Yes, but this method cannot work for every single time as the card can save tons of other issues and also, even if it has this same issue, the treatment may or may not work. You can try your luck but only with a graphics card that would otherwise have to go to a landfill.

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