September 20, 2021

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The Eternal Hunt for Referrals and hence more income!

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Referrals are the source of success if you want to make a lot of money on internet. In order to achieve a regular secondary income, you don’t just have to view ads and fill out surveys, but also promote PTC sites and bring referrals/new-users. In this series of articles, I want to show you different ways to get more referrals.

There are many more or less promising ways to get referrals. Putting them all in one article would be too cluttered, so I have split this series of “the Perpetual hunt for referrals” into 5 articles. Today’s article aims to provide an overview and an introduction to various referral strategies.

How many referrals do you need?
The remuneration for a referred user is very different for PTC pages. Sometimes there are unique commissions of up to $5. In the long term, however, percentage shareholdings/earning in the merit of referrals are more lucrative, because you can get money in this way for a lifetime (that is if your referral is also active for lifetime:) Anyone who wants to make a lot of money on internet cannot achieve this goal if he does not have enough/hand-full of referrals.

On average, you earn about 1 cent a day from a referred (active) member. Some are lazy and you don’t get much money from them, some are very active, which means you can get more money accordingly. Now everyone can figure out how many referrals they need. The earning opportunities are theoretically unlimited. With 100 referrals on one site, you can earn about one dollar a day or $30 a month. With 1000 referrals on 10 different sites, you can make around $100 every day; but not everything is this easy.

On which site are referrals worthwhile?
Simple answer: Of course, on your favorite PTC site. I am a fan of detailed stats as they are offered on ClixSense. But in principle referrals are worthwhile with every PTC provider.

Methods to get referrals…
Part 1 – Friends, and acquaintances
In the first part I will address the simplest method of getting referrals quickly.

Part 2 – Visitor Exchange
You can also receive some referrals with visitor exchanges or traffic exchange. The registration fee/rate is very low. However, this option should not be excluded just because it is free of charge.

Part 3 – Advertising on PTC pages
Most of us just click the ads but never book/purchase them ourselves. This can be very useful if you do it right.

Part 4 – Advertise on your own website
This method ensures that highest number of referrals can be generated. If your website is on Google, preferably on the first page of SERP, then every day, referral generation is guaranteed. With this article, however, I only want to go into the procedure for getting referrals through a small website.

Part 5 – Offline advertising
Yes, you can also do advertising offline. In the last article I will show you all the possibilities.

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