July 29, 2021


Using the power of internet to make life easy

Using Internet to find Online Jobs and Explore Career Options

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Author: Yunqing Ling

How does the world communicate? The means of connection between people has changed drastically over time.

The internet is a constantly updating platform, with countless opportunities waiting for us to discover. The traditional ways of finding a job still exist, for example, gathering information from posters, job advertisements. However, with the advent of the internet, there is an overwhelming amount of job applications and resumes being sent each day to employer’s emails.

The advancement of technology and immerging concepts have completely shattered the boundaries of our potential. My next job opportunity can come from a LinkedIn connection I built. I can search through jobs available in my vicinity in one click, find jobs related to my major by typing in one key word, the list goes on. However, my career options are need not be defined by the searching of jobs. I can also create jobs for myself, even other people.

Making a living is rendered unimaginable less than a decade ago. Who would have thought someone to be self-sufficient without even leaving his or her couch? I have taught English and Mandarin Chinese on a tutoring website. The website essentially creates a platform for people around the globe to explore a huge variety of languages, and provides professional tutoring services. Even though I no longer have time to teach with my busy college schedule, I continue to be amazed by such options and means of a career. The internet has truly stretched our antique visions of how the world may function. Opportunities goes beyond my imagination.

On a greater scale, I can also attempt to create platforms like this by collaborating with many intelligent minds out there. Entrepreneurship requires responsible leadership. Leaders transform visions into reality. By analyzing what the market needs and lacks, I have the potential of constantly seeking out opportunities to fill market gaps. Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and entrepreneur, created the largest e-commerce platform in the history of China. Taobao enabled buyers and sellers across China to make direct transactions, similar to ebay. It also provided many individual producers a job by allowing to advertise and make their products visible to the public. E-commerce comes in a myriad of forms, including service-based and product-based. My experiences tutoring online was involved me offering English teaching services to the international public. Retailing on platforms like taobao and ebay is a product-oriented career option. Who would have thought that social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram can create jobs?

The concept of creating original contents for the public to view and earning advertising revenue is novel and extended our perceptions of internet marketing. I can explore and build multiple careers online as well as working full-time for a job I found online. The internet is a free space for me to imagine and innovate. Similar free occupations include blogging and writing online for either famous news website or the author’s own website. A friend of my mom’s writes reviews for restaurants and small businesses online, these companies in turn pay her because her blog is popular and her articles generate a fair amount of views from audiences around the country.

The rapid development of internet technology is gradually giving rise to an environment where employees can work freely online and only online. Let’s say I have found a job online, but the exploration of career does not cease there. There are a myriad of ways I can advance my career by utilizing my knowledge of the internet. For example, salespersons and real estate agents are constantly in search of potential buyers and conducting connections with their clients by email and online chat.

There are no qualification requirements for people to explore career options on the internet. Jack ma was an English major in college with zero background in technology and online marketing. What’s important is that he had an insight, a plan to revolutionize online shopping across China, and he acted upon his thoughts. He built an empire with two simple ingredients, insight and determination. This recipe applies to a whole range of industries. The supply of opportunities is sufficient on the internet and waiting to be explored. I can list several pages of potential careers based entirely upon the internet, but the important concept here is, there are no defined equations to succeed in online businesses. As a determinant finance major and constantly multi-tasking college student, I am continuously discovering career options online as a means of creating more opportunities for my future.

The internet is a magical place waiting to be explored by intelligent minds and innovated by entrepreneurial thoughts. As a finance major, I understand the power the internet holds and I am motivated to gain more knowledge regarding technology and how the business world functions. By doing so, I have the opportunity to apply my education and develop valuable, unique insights of a variety of industries, thus embarking on the journey of a life-long exploration and advancement of careers and values I can create on the internet.

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