January 28, 2021


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Work from Home |Free Transcription Jobs 4 MBBS Doctors

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Medical and health careers are much respected, everywhere in the world. As a profession, it provides both money and satisfaction. Being a professional doctor really has its perks – for instance, they never have to implore anyone for money. As time passes, their career prosper without any stalls – it is a perfect tale of triumph and almost no pain.

There is no shortage of job opportunities for professional doctors in hospitals and each job comes with the promise of great prosperity – but if for any reason, a doctor wants to do online part-time [or even full-time] job then the internet can surely help. It might not make much sense for a professional doctor to look for online jobs because of the aforementioned reasons – however, if someone does want to make an income online then who are we to scold. :)

It’s ok to make money online

Online entrepreneurship haters have steadfastly insisted that earning money online is something geeks do – normal socialized people should not indulge in such practice. If you ask them to comment on what they think about a professional doctor who wants to make money online – then the response would certainly be a rude one, but who cares about their sarcastic gibberish? Do not let them short-circuit the online-income pipeline that you can create for yourself.

Making money online is a respectable income source – do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Online entrepreneurship is a choice anyone can make – a professional doctor, engineer, or any person from any other field.

Online medical transcription jobs

There is no lack of opportunities for doctors; however, in terms of job compatibility with the profession, medical transcription represents the high-water mark. This is perhaps the best job available to professional doctors, as it requires the hired hand to have the knowledge of medical terminology.

Transcription jobs require specific knowledge in general medical field. A normal person will struggle to gain such knowledge where a doctor will find it very easy to do. Doctors study medical books for years so their experience of medical terminology builds automatically. They do not need to gain it; they already have it in the bag – locked and loaded.

“Listen and Type”

Online employers provide audio-files that contain medical reports or some other information. Recorded voices are of physicians and all conversation is about something in the medical field. For an average data-entry operator, transcribing these audio-files is almost an inconceivable job. On the other hand, a doctor can do this comfortably.

Doctors can also do writing jobs. For instance, people will pay you top dollar [$25 to $100] to write blog articles. Hundreds of new article writing jobs are available online every day. The requirements are as follows:
1. Having above-average English-Writing skills
2. Proper Grammar and Punctuation usage
3. To have a good knowledge of the subject or the ability to gain it via online research

Once you start looking, you will find tons of online jobs that you, as a doctor, can do better than a person who does not have the knowledge of medical terminology. For instance, some bloggers create article-writing online job-listing where the subject is related to health, medicine, or some treatment. For writing 500 words, one can pocket up to one hundred dollars.

160 thoughts on “Work from Home |Free Transcription Jobs 4 MBBS Doctors

  1. Hi,
    Iam Dr.sadie .I am a general Physician from India.I would love to do online medical transcription from home.kindly provide more details regrading how to apply to the job.
    Thank you!

  2. Hello, i am Dr. Farah from Dubaj, UAE. I have experience in research. I am a certified medical doctor. A beginner in online jobs, eagerly looking to increase my income.
    Thank you.
    Awaiting your reply

  3. helo myself dr amin working as Rig Doctor in oil and Gas department i am interested in online job writing comment on medical scenario or any other job

  4. Hi, I Dr Tanushree, I am MBBS and MD in Clinical Microbiology, Iam interested in online transcription jobs, please inform me.

  5. Dr.aqal zada
    Salam.i am dr aqal zadaan mbbs doctor with 7 years experience in medical field.if u have any online job informe me.
    Best regards

  6. Hi i am Dr ruba i have also want to apply online jobs at home MBBS with 2 year experiance in internal medicine n gynae obs

  7. Hi all,
    I am dr.gobi just passed out from university of jaffna srilanka in first class.I am looking out for any online jobs.can contact me via mail.thank uou

  8. Dr.Nisha

    Kindly let me know how can i be a help as a doctor and be a part of medical transcription process.I have proper medical knowledge and have good writing skills. I’m very much interested to do this online job. Thank you.

  9. Hi
    I am Dr. AHSAN
    Mbbs with Master in public health
    It would an honor to work online
    I have experience of 5 years as general physician and polio eradication officer

  10. Hi…Iam a specialist dentist from India with 20 years of experience. I am a BDS, MDS I would like to know about suitable online work options.

  11. I am a GP for 30 years trying to do some work from home. I see nobody answering questions, are you for real? I mean there are a lot of people (physicians) asking for job no one Is answering . Thanks. Dr. kamir Garces MD

  12. Hi there. My name is Dr. Marcela Aguirre. Can anyone let me know where could I find online jobs for doctors, specifically the writing blogs one. Thanks in advance and good luck everyone. Kind regards, Marcela

  13. Dr.Ashok Gopal Trivedi: I am a 25 years senior general practitioner,want to work online from home

    Kelechi: Hi, I am Dr Kelechi with MBBS and mph. I have experience in research writing, opthamology, internal medicine, paediatrics etc.E-mail add is asobs_2003 yahoo com

    Chandradevi Korant: Hello, I am a MBBS doctor with OHC experience. Want to do online job.

    dr. mashiur: Hi, I am dr. mashiur. I have lot of experience in medical science and i have made more the 100 medical article which was published in medical journal. besides this i have five years experience on patient management.

    JANVI KHOT: Hi, I am janvi khot a student of 11th MLT . I want to become a heart surgeonist . should i do B.Sc MLT after 12th standard………

    dr Hamid: Am Dr.Hamid, certified pediatrician with experience in newborn and children health, looking for an online job.

    Anjali Ahlawat: Good morning … Dr Anjali(mbbs), with good clinical exposure& patient interaction…really interested in medical online transcription jobs…please duly inform me any such job suits me.

    Denis: Hi! I’m dermatologist. I work in a private clinic. I have several free hours a day. I’m looking for a job on the internet.

    1. Hi I am Dr.Bushra . I am an MBBS holder and have almost 3 years experience of working in hospital . I am interested in online jobs.I believe with my knowledge and experiences i would be a perfect candidate for this kind of jobs .Moreover, I am available 24/7 .Please feel free to contact with me . Thanks.

  14. Hello, I am Dr. Gutierrez, a mexican GP With extensive experience in taking medical history through telephone, as well as editing of medical reports for California Workers compensation’s cases. I am available 24/7. Thank you.

  15. Hlo myself Dr Abhiram sadashiv A mbbs doctor from India currently working with Aiims. Of u have any openings for online job kindly inform me

  16. Ameya sirsat said: Hey, m interested in this job.. Mbps, m.s, 4 years experience

    Faiza said: Hi, I am Dr Faiza, MBBS doctor with vast experience in medicine Especially in Gastroenterology. I want an online job. If there is any online job for me kindly inform. Thanks

    Dr humaira said: Hi.. Im MBBS doctor. I have 3year clinical experience now Im doing job in KSA as a GP. I’m interested to do online job. Plz inform me if u have any service.. Thanks

    Rani mandhan said: Im a doctor in Karachi doing mphill in anatomy kindly let me know if any job available.

  17. I am a ayurveda doctor had 7 years of experience if any online jobs related to my profession pls let me know thank u……..

  18. I am a homoeopathic doctor having 15 yrs of teaching and private practice experience, now I want a job, please help me.

  19. I Dr Shakil. I am a cardiologist. I want to write some articles concerning cardiac disease diagnosis, treatment, and so on. Pls inform me when can I start.

  20. I’m a physician and am interested in learning more about online medical transcription work. Please send me any information you may have about next steps.

  21. I am Dr.Mariam. I am a registered general practitioner with one year experience in emergency medicine too. Kindly tell me if there is an online job for me. Thanks.

  22. Hi, I am a doctor and I would like to join for online work. Please provide information regarding this. I stay in New mumbai.

  23. Hi..I am a general practitioner from Nepal and I would like to work as medical transcriptionist as part time… Please send me the details. I have medical license of Nepal, Oman, and China. Thank you. Please contact me

  24. I’m dr nargis hamza. I have done my mbbs & accident n emergency department experience in govt hosp. I have also done my diploma in sonology(ultrasound). I’m looking for some online jobs. If u have any opportunity do let me know.

  25. I am Dr. Nagasai. I have done my MBBS and Dermatology degree looking for online jobs. If u have anything please contact me. Thank u.

    1. To whom it may concern,
      I have completed my M.B.B.S. Now I am registered medical practitioner.I am keenly searching for online jobs.

  26. I am an MBBS doctor with Hospital Management degree. I have good experience in clinical and IT. If you have any online jobs then inform me.

  27. Respected Sir,
    I am doctor in Indian system of medicine, Ayurveda, registered with central council of Indian medicine. I am working as Ayurvedic consultant for the last 7 years. I also have good knowledge of allopathy. Additionally, I am a classical hatha yoga teacher… I would like to work online… thankyou

  28. Good day! I am Dr. Michelle Macasayon, a licensed medical doctor from the Philippines for about 7 years. I have trained as a family medicine physician for 2 years. I would like to work online and home based because I have two little kids. I can work for about 30 hrs per week or more. I hope you can offer me a great job. Thank you and more power!

  29. Please help me find a job online; I am crashing down currently. I’m a medical graduate MBBS pre-intern and can work more than 20 hrs per week. Bilingual fluent English speaker. This will be my first job so most places turn me down. I was too creative for certain sites I tried for.

  30. I am a UK based, GMC licensed doctor with a masters degree in Public Health. I have vast experience in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine.
    I am interested in medical transcription jobs and medical research
    Contact me on adesola.ajiboye at gmail dot com

  31. Hi,I am an MBBS graduate , ECFMG/USMLE certified, with 6 months work experience in Nephrology in US hospital, 1 year hands on work experence as NICU intern (with knowledge on prepartum and postpartum child care too) and also extensive knowledge in health policy and management, current pursing a MPH course in a US university. With applicable knowledge in above said fields and also interest in medical writing I would like to become a member/contribute.Please do guide me in the procedure.

  32. I am M.D Physician doctor please tell me how can i earn from online doctors consultation job or any guidance,education or medical transcription.

  33. Hello, I am an MBBS doctor.I am interested in medical content writing and transcription job. How and where to proceed? Please guide

  34. Hello,
    I am MBBS doctor and Immunologist. As I have two little kids I don’t do fulltime jobs.So Online jobs easy for me. Please inform me of any such opportunities. Thanks.

  35. I am a pediatrician working in Chennai. I am extremely interested in working online either consultation or transcription.

  36. I’m mbbs doc, working in govt. sector for last two years.
    Also a post graduate trainee in internal medicine. Practicing as diabetologist and sonologist as well. Would like to do job online.
    with regards.

  37. I am a doctor from Sri Lanka. I am working in government sector for 15 years. I like to do an online job in my free time. Any one can help me? Pls reply
    Kind regards
    From Dr Bandara

  38. hello..i am a mbbs graduate..interested in this job..i am good at writing articles..please let me know if there are any vacancies

  39. I am Medical student doing MBBS 4th year in Pakistan.
    I have a lot of experience in online work. If anyone want to get online jobs, they can contact me here.
    dr.shahbazsipra @ gmail . com

  40. Hello.
    I am a postgraduate physician from Pakistan.
    I am interested in online earning. Can anybody help me in availing this opportunity?

  41. Hello sir ,
    I’m a Mbbs graduate n have work experience of 1 1/2 year , I’m really in need of online job kindly help me sir thank you .

  42. Iam General Surgeon Bilingual English and Arabic, have Fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons UK
    Iam interested in joining Doctors on call

  43. I’m a doctor . currently general surgery trainee.. Please let me know if I can get any MT jobs or any online job

  44. Hi, I am Dr. Daksh Jhim.
    I will like to give online consultations.
    I will like to join
    I am doing MD in TB and chest diseases

  45. Hi,
    I am a Dr,MD(alternative medicine)
    and interested to explore myself in natural and safe cure providing this knowledge to everyone . Working online would help me fulfill my dream.

  46. I finished mbbs ..am preparing for pg..I lik to do online job ..plz send the details …from India karnatak

  47. Its really good, l m homeopathic physician working in hospital as medical officer n intrested to work part time as medical transcriptionist.

  48. Hi..I’m from Pakistan ..done with my 4 yr residency(fcps training) in obs Gynae…I’m interested in doing this online job..

    1. Aoa dear Fatima,

      Contact me at younus_wahab@hotmail.com for further details. I can help you earn online, as I earn online myself. I am an ACCA, in the chartered Accountancy field though, but you are like my baby sister. I can help you out.

  49. Hello
    I’m a doctor. I want to start working online to support my growing family ( bun in the oven yey)
    Im intrested with transcriptionist jobs or any typing jobs

  50. Hi… I wish to earn some extra income in order to support my family. The mortgage and credit card bills have forced me to look for extra income. My wife will also help. We are interested in writing jobs or medical transcription work.

  51. Hi, I am looking for an online consultation job as well as “doctor second opinion job” and other online job related to doctors. Please mail me if any thing related to same.

  52. HI

  53. I am now working as medical officer in pakistan, i am intrested in doing this work of online medical transcription, i am passed my Usmle step 1 and step 2 with flying scores and i am a fresh graduate.

  54. Sir, I live in Pakistan. I have done MBBS and am now doing house-job. I am currently doing 2 different jobs to support my studies and family. If I could make money online, that will help me tremendously. Thank u for your time!

  55. Good day. I am a medical intern. I am pleased to work as a transcriptor of medical or health related audio tapes into writing. I recently passed TOEFL with flying colors. So I am confident that I have a good grip in doing transcription. Please let me know the details and I would be happy to do the job.

  56. I would appreciate any information on working from home whether its with transcription or something else. US medical school trained, general surgery residency but have had to surrender my license some years ago…thanks

  57. Greetings;

    I am an Internist residing in California, residency trained. I surrendered my medical license in 2010, but have all the knowledge and experience of a Board Certified internist. I am fluent in (4) languages including Spanish and am a CItizen of the United States. Would be interested in any online or other work which would not require a medical license and is legal and has good income potential. Please notify me of any such opportunities. Thank you.

    Dr. Nadjmabadi

  58. hi..i am a doctor,and i would like to work as medical transcriptionist as part time…please send me the details

  59. Can u plz send me details..um interested in doing the job cz currently um unoccupied pre-intern..
    thank you!

    1. Hi ,
      Kindly let me know how can i be a help as a doctor and be a part of medical transcription process.I have proper medical knowledge and have good writing skills. I’m very much interested to do this online job. Thank you.

    1. I am dr saeed, an mbbs doctor with vast experience in the medical field.I also have received postgraduate training in ENT diseases. If u have any online job for me, please inform me. I live in Sahiwal Pakistan. Thanks.

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