July 29, 2021


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Does Belkin Network Adaptor K7SF5D7050 work in Windows 7?

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Is Belkin USB Wireless Networking Adaptor [K7SF5D7050] Supported in Windows 7? What about 32/64 bit driver support? Some people say it works while other say it doesn’t; so who is right?


Belkin Networking Adaptor, K7SF5D7050, has several versions: five to be precise. Some of them only work in Windows XP or few other older operating systems. I personally made a mistake and bought the first version of K7SF5D7050 adaptor at eBay. The seller, most probably, laughed hard at me, when I bought this adaptor from him. This item I just bought, doesn’t have drivers for newer Windows, so it was a complete waste of money.

Whenever you are buying computer components from the internet, especially if it is eBay, always check if the manufacturer of the item is making new drivers for the Windows version that you are using. Often, eBay sellers don’t include the complete model, or serial number in their listing; in such case, contact the seller and ask him to show you the exact information about the model number that appears on the product.

Following are Belkin wireless G adaptor, model names for K7SF5D7050, and details of their operating system compatibility:

Model: K7SF5D7050

Available driver support: Windows 98[SE]/2000/ME/XP[32 bit only]

Model: K7SF5D7050A

Driver: It works in above-mentioned OS plus Vista 32-bit and Mac OS 10.3

Model: K7SF5D7050B, RAXWN4501H and K7SF5D7050E

Drivers are available for above-mentioned OS plus Windows 7/Vista [32 and 64 bit]

Belkin K7SF5D7050 wireless G adaptor is a good product; however, the lack of driver support for older models in the series can cause a lot of inconvenience for us customers. It is as if they are forcing us to buy the new models and throw away the older ones even though both models look almost the same. There are methods you can use to make such old hardware compatible in newer Windows. This proves that hardware inside these items can operate in the newer operating systems, then why do these big companies abandon them by not making new drivers for them to make them compatible? The obvious reason is to increase sales by forcing their customers to buy new versions of the same product.

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