January 27, 2021


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Managed Forex Trading Account Service by typingaholic.com

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After losing their hard-earned money, traders surrender to the merciless Forex market lord. They spend an ample amount of money in an effort to win in Forex trading, but the unrelenting currency market foils trader’s every bid to make profits. Traders have no choice but to forget about the money they lost in trading; it is either that or investing more money, which they most probably are going to lose again.

Making profits in Forex trading is not an easy task. Entering this business without the right tools is nothing less than a catastrophe. One trade can wipeout the whole account. This business is certainly not for the fainthearted. In this bitter environment, novice traders try ineffective techniques, first to make profits and later, to recover all the losses; this Forex trading phenomena has swallowed money from millions of newcomers since online Forex trading became available.

However, not all is lost; Forex trading is very complicated and tiresome venture, but some of us have dedicated years to this business and now we are reaping the benefits. Experience, practice, and the ability to see patterns in currency price movement, these things can put the odds in your favor. It wasn’t an easy or a smooth journey for us but we worked hard and never gave up. When you spent years in any business, you slowly recognize patterns and techniques that we can use to stay ahead of others. We have learned a lot about how Forex works and now it’s time to make money from this business; let the project “milking the cow” commence. :)

Forex trading requires a fair bit of commitment. One has to dedicate a lot of time to trade effectively, but unfortunately, not every person can do that. Each day, one must stay online and monitor the market for at least 10 hours. Forex trading isn’t a fun job; instead, it is boring and tedious work because you need to stay glued to your monitor screens for hours. Some stats say that more than 90% of Forex traders lose all their invested money in this business. It is because of these reasons that many of our clients want us to manage their Forex trading accounts for them i.e. we execute trades for them.

For three years, we have been telling traders that we can’t provide such a service. We neither had the work force nor the resources to start this kind of service. But things have changed and we are now offering managed Forex accounts service to [only] our old clients [users who have purchased one of our binary option strategies or Forex/Binary signals service.] We still are going to manage accounts of only a limited number of users.

Unfortunately, we don’t manage binary trading accounts and if you want us to manage your Forex trading account, then you need to open an account with a broker that we recommend to you.







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