September 20, 2021

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MySurvey Review: Can you make money with opinion polls?

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The site MySurvey is certainly a place that deals with the topic of “making money on the Internet.” The provider has been on the market for a long time and enjoys a high reputation.
In my review, you’ll find if you can use MySurvey to make money from surveys, or if it’s just one of many standard providers with low earning potential.

MySurvey is a classic portal for paid surveys on the net. The registration is of course free and designed accordingly uncomplicated. Right after that you can start.
In your own user account, you should first set your preferences to receive as many invitations for surveys as possible. In my review, there were a few surveys to fill out immediately after signing up and I was regularly notified by email when there was money to make.

The amount of available surveys and earnings depends mainly on what interests you have indicated. Of course, it makes sense to select as many types as possible.
The completion of online surveys will be rewarded at MySurvey fairly and within the usual scope. As always, I would like to mention few important points:

Opinion polls on the Internet do not make you rich – you should rather consider this as a small extra income. Add to that the fact that you can only get paid the premiums at MySurvey. Earned bonus points can be converted, for example, in vouchers and also in PayPal credit.
The surveys offered in my review could be completed without problems. So it is quite possible that you can apply for an Amazon voucher directly on the day of registration!

Special bonus: Participation in paid surveys is also possible via a separate app for iOS and Android.
As a “normal” user of MySurvey, you unfortunately have no possibility to participate in a partner/affiliate program to earn money with recruited friends.
Applying for external affiliate networks is all the more lucrative. Webmasters can look forward to up to $4 per lead. A revenue share is not offered.

The website/design of MySurvey has not yet arrived in the modern age. Basically all functions can be found quickly, but the website is not really user-friendly. Sometimes the page takes a long time to load.
The bottom line is to be able to fill opinion polls without any problems, and that works great.

Is MySurvey legit? First and foremost is the fact that MySurvey has been on the market for a very long time and has more than 4 million members. That alone is a very good sign that this is a reputable provider. As usual with the topic “paid polls,” one finds however also a lot of negative voices on the net. For the most part, however, there is criticism that expected earning target could not be met. If you do not go with such high expectations, you will not be disappointed by MySurvey.

The reward services with paid opinion polls are initially credited with points. These can then be exchanged in the Reward Shop from 10 Dollars for vouchers or PayPal credit.
One drawback that you can always read about is that some surveys are canceled without warning and are not remunerated. This behavior must definitely be improved.
Once you have reached the required amount, the premiums are paid quickly and without any problems.

Reputable provider with high data protection
Paid surveys
Good extra income
Invitations via email and app

Obsolete design
Disbursement not possible via bank transfer
Polls can partially be cancelled

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