September 20, 2021

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Neobux Review; Is It an Elite Paying Ads Supplier?

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Readers’ rating for this company: 76.95% (445)

NeoBux is, next to ClixSense, one of the most successful and popular Paid to Click providers. Most people who want to earn money on the Internet start with NeoBux. More and more English speaking users are attracted to NeoBux because the site targets mainly English audience, but it has been completely translated into other languages too.

Whether this opportunity has the right taste for you, you will learn in this review.

Main features:
Partner Programs
Clicks, polls, promotions, and more
Earn money/points everyday:
Clicks: 10 to 50 cents per day
Surveys/tasks: $5 daily
Earn money with bonus promotions
Online surveys, free registrations, mini-jobs, prize games, and AdPrize

Lifetime commission on all actions of referrals
Rented referrals are available
First 30 refs as limit. This limit increases later on

Payout limit from: $ 2
Duration: immediately
Payment Methods Supported: Paypal, Alert Pay

Online since March 2008
Administrator: “Fernando”

Earning potential
The advertising offers of NeoBux is consistently good. The ads-to-click and earn money offers are distributed throughout the day and also have a pleasant short viewing period. Most clicks are rewarded with 0.1 to 1 cents; the system always works reliably.

The Neobux toolbar is especially recommended. It integrates itself unobtrusively into the browser and informs reliably about new available advertising. 100 clicks and earn more than 10 cents a day with no problems.

In addition to classic clicks, Neobux offers you to earn money with some other methods:

For so-called “Deals” or “offers,” you can earn some good money at NeoBux. These include surveys, free subscriptions, changes of electricity suppliers, etc. These are divided into 2 categories, namely NeoPoints and NeoCoins.

With NeoPoints, you can hire referrals and even purchase a premium membership.
NeoCoins can be converted directly into credit. 1000 NeoCoins are worth at least $1. The amount increases when you accumulate more coins.

For example, by completing a survey, you get about 500 Coins. For other promotions you get up to 10,000 coins or $10.

In addition, you earn 10% of the coins and points that your referrals make.

Mini Jobs
These are small tasks, which are immediately remunerated. A good way to earn a few dollars quickly.

Referral program
At NeoBux, there are few referral levels, with the maximum number of recruited members initially limited and slowly increasing. The formula for the upper limit is relatively complicated:

First, you can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions:
Must be a member for at least 30 days
Have done at least 100 clicks

Once these conditions are met, the number of direct referrals that you can have is first based on the following limits:
Default: 30
Pioneer: 60
Gold: 200
Gold + Pioneer: 250
Gold/Emerald: 300
Gold/Sapphire: 300
Gold/Platinum: 400
Gold/Diamond: 400
Gold/Ultimate: Unlimited

Depending on the days you are registered, all days, minus the first 30, count as the basis for a limit increase.
This means that the longer you are a member, the more referrals you can have.
The number is based on your current membership/package and the days you are registered (minus 30.) This number will vary and is explained below:

Standard/Pioneer = Day-30 divided by 4
Gold (without a package) = days-30 divided by 2
Gold (with a package) = days-30

For example, if you are registered for 330 days (which minus 30 = 300 days):
Standard = 30 + (300/4) = 105
Gold = 200 + (300/2) = 350

If a user signs up with your referral link, he/she will not be your referral unless you meet the 30 days/100 click condition or reach the limit of the maximum allowed referral.
You can at any time remove those direct referrals that no longer are active in order to make room for new ones.”

Basically, Neobux’s referral program offers a lot of possibilities and is very well thought-out, for example, you can remove inactive referrals to bring new ones and also rent referrals.

For the condition to which the referral system is linked, I can unfortunately not give full details. Money is only credited if you have clicked advertising yourself the day before. As a standard member, this is a 4-piece, as a premium member even 9.
Along with the unnecessary referral limit, this is a real deterrent for potential advertisers.

A good feature in the referral program of Neobux is the possibility to rent refs. Many guides and tutorials promise unbeatable tactics with which one can earn a lot of money through this system.

I myself can only advise against it. A referral will rarely pay back as much money as it has cost. In this case, users are getting ripped off.
Also, the possibility to sell referrals, I consider it useless. You can sell on Neobux, only very active users, and for a low price.

The bottom line is that their affiliate program is good, despite all the restrictions.

User friendliness
Scrore: 87%
The design of NeoBux is really very successful. Everything is modern, fast, and thoughtful. There is a forum with many different sections, a help page, and even a live chat in which you can ask questions.

The entire website was translated into different languages like German and remains unmatched by many other providers.

8 Years in this business
Scrore: 98%
If there is any reputable provider, then it has to be NeoBux. Neobux has been online since 2008. There are numerous blogs and forums where NeoBux is praised. I cannot disagree.

Payment limit: $2
Score: 95%
The payout limit is just $2. This is relatively low and can be achieved comparatively quickly. Paypal or AlertPay then migrates the collected money to your digital account.
The payment process usually takes only a few hours.
Proof of payment NeoBux can be found on the Internet in huge numbers.

Positive points:
Up to 2 cents per click
M ways to earn money
Site’s content is available in different languages
Large selection of premium memberships
Higher earning through referrals possible
Instant payout
Online since 2008

Negative points:
Unnecessary/confusing/forceful referral policy
Premium memberships very expensive
Low profit probability at Adprize

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