July 29, 2021


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P7P55D: What is the latest Bios Version? Download included

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What is the latest, as of 21-June-2016, version of bios released for Asus P7P55D motherboard? Where can I download it? Do I need to put the bios in a flash-drive and follow some complicated procedure for updating bios?


Asus released the last bios update for P7P55D on 06/11/2012; its version is 2101. The previous version was 2003, which Asus released on 2011/01/17. You can download the latest bios from here.

You should never update your motherboard’s bios if everything is working properly. There is absolutely no need for a newer bios if your PC is working properly and there are no compatibility issues. Manufacturers, like Asus, often release these updates to make their motherboards support new CPUs. Some other reasons include memory compatibility and system stability improvements, adding new features to bios settings, and bug fixes.

Even if your PC has issues, such as Blue Screen of Death and compatibility problems, it does not necessarily mean that your motherboard needs a bios update. These issues can be caused be hundred different things. You must research first; use Google to find pages that talk about the same issue you are facing. Learn what fix or solution other people are using. You must eliminate all possible suspects before you pin down the cause of the issue on bios.

Majority of PC issues have nothing to do with bios, but if updating the bios is unavoidable, then you must do it with extreme caution! Asus has a tool called “ASUS EZ Flash 2” you use to update bios easily. During the update process, you must make sure that your PC stays on; if power disconnects, it can corrupt your motherboard’s bios. “ASUS EZ Flash 2” is already present in your motherboard; you just need to enable it from the bios whenever you need it. Download the latest bios and put it on a flash drive. This utility is GUI-based so using it is very easy.

In case something goes wrong during the update process, you can then use “ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3” feature to recover bios, but let’s hope things don’t come to this! :)

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