January 16, 2021


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Online Paid Website Testing Jobs, user and usability test

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Among various online income opportunities, website usability testing stand prominent because doing these paid to test jobs is both fun and rewarding. A normal online or offline job usually requires you to accomplish a specific task within a specific time. For instance, in an image editing job, you need to follow instructions and make specific edits/changes to the images. Unlike such traditional employment, testing websites online involves doing no tedious work as there are no specific goals to achieve. Users have much more freedom and there are no tiring constraints.

Needless to say, a website usability or user testing job demands no special skills or any experience. To qualify, a user just needs the following:
1. A computer
2. An internet connection
3. Little creativity can be a bonus
4. Some curiosity will surely help
5. Expressing your true opinion is must

Usability testing jobs

Some companies require users to give live feedback to an analyst. Website testers connect to a server using a software; they then start the website usability test and give their opinion using a microphone and webcam. Website tester’s role is of a commentator and the analyst will be the listener. The analyst then creates a report based on all the information that he gathers from different paid testers. Website owners then use this report to make the necessary improvements. The user’s role in this process ends after he finishes giving his opinion. He does not take any part in building the report.

Online website testing jobs may require a user to analyze one or more of the following elements:

1. Design and overall website look
2. Usability test; your goal is to browse through different pages in the website and check all the main features. You will then comment on how easy it is to find the information, which the user is looking for. You will also test how good the navigation links are.
3. Content quality is one of the main ingredients for a successful website. In some usability testing jobs, you need to check the quality of content of different pages. If the website is about “Cooking Tips,” then how good is the content? Are the recipes worth trying? How well is the content written? Is the content interesting or boring?

Users website testing work

Some companies do not require live feedback. They will send the website URL and other details to user’s email address. He then conduct the tests for a specific time-period. The user then writes his feedback in a file, which is then sent to the company by email.

This work usually pays well; there are no fixed rates, though. The money you can earn depends on the amount of work you are given and the company for whom you are working. Additionally, you can make more money if you become a trustworthy tester. If you complete the first few jobs with honesty and provide some vital information, your rank as a tester will increase. The higher rank you have, the more money you can make.

Can you do website usability testing as a full-time job?

Consider this opportunity more of a part-time job. Website testing jobs are a real deal, but you cannot depend on them for making a full-time income.

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  1. Shiv Narayan,

    Dear sir, I have 9+ years experience for Mathematics teaching experience.
    So if any task or job regarding to me then please do email.

    Thanking You.

  2. My name is Kathryn Kinzer. I have been customer experience analyst for over three years, and have over five years experience in working from home and telecommunications. Do you have any availability for website testing/evaluation work-from-home as-needed testers? Please let me know. USA 319-551-4181 or katienjulia @ gmail dot com. Thanks and have a great day!

  3. Hi
    I have 13 year exp. in software development and s/w testing.
    I have also completed the Ethical hacking course for E-C Counsil.
    I want to work with you.
    Please contact me
    harpej singh

  4. I have 3+ years experience in Manual Testing Job would like to work in your company. Domain : Health care and Telecom.

    Please send the details.

    Thank you

  5. I have 3 Years Manual Software Testing Experience of MNC company.
    I am ready to work with You.
    with all yours T&C.
    Part time daily basis also interested.

  6. I have 3+ years experience for manual testing and automation testing.
    So if any task or job regarding to me then please do email.

    Thanking You.

  7. I have 6 + Yrs experience of Usability testing and looking forward to know process to quick start with. I have worked for big MNCs.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,

  8. Hi.. I want to do this job.. I have completed manual and automation testing course.. I have 6 months of project work exp in paid testing..

  9. I am looking for user testing job from home.
    Currently I have 4 years of experience over testing in a well-known IT companies.
    Please contact me through my email for any paid testing projects related work.

  10. I would love to work from home but I use a cell phone and I have two kids really love spending time with them I’d miss them terribly and suggestions?

  11. Hello,

    My name is Justin graham. I am a 23 about to be 24 year old, looking for a job and I would like a job working from home because I have a lovely girlfriend and 2 Daughters and would like to spend as much time with them as I can. In addition, my girlfriend is a stay at home mom, so I can get her in on this as well. I have a PC at home that’s my personal computer and we both got phones too.

    The only part that scares me about this whole thing that I have just read is that you stated that you get paid through PayPal and with this being said you would need our PP info, which then we would have to connect our bank cards to, in order to transfer money over from PP to a bank card. In doing so will cost us a transfer fee from PP to the bankcard and then who says that we will be paid? Because I have heard stories, where people ask for your PP info to send you the money and then they send the money and then you spend it and then they call up PP to report the money stolen etc. or they ask to stop the transaction from their bank or PP to your PP.

    Wouldn’t it be much easier to send out checks to the employees that way they are safe and can take that check to the bank and cash it their self without some intermediary company being in between the people’s money? This being if you send clean checks to people and take taxes out of it and send the people a w-2 at the end of each year so they can claim taxes and don’t have to go through the trouble of filling a 1099 forum at the end of the year. The state I live in, takes out $33.33 of every $100.00 you make. Meaning that you have to put back this much all year and keep up with what money you have spent and receipts to put them into a document to give to your tax accounting in order for them to go over to make sure everything’s correct. Then with that even being said their going to charge you so much money for them having to handle your paper work for making sure it’s clean and all good and in correct order for you to even file taxes at the end of the year. So, Either way there’s a few that has to be paid, But I feel as if the cheek idea is the best and most clean way to go about it, Considering that the check can be traced back to the payer if any issues comes up or if the check bounces etc. With PayPal all they will do is just trace the payment back to the payers account and then send that payer an e-mail or warning message and if they don’t reply back they just close out that persons account and then in terms nobody gets paid. They move on to do this to more people and this means that we won’t know if we are screwed over till it’s too late and on top of it we would be giving our opinions and deduction to the work that we feel like is right for us for free and not get no money out of it. You can message me back. Because for me to do this it ask for my e-mail, so with that being said you know my e-mail and nobody else can get it unless you as a company leak it out to the world.
    In addition, who says that you as a company needs our e-mails because they are our privacy but I understand without it there is no contacting info. However, I also know about the whole email game thing to. Where people send you stuff that doesn’t even make sense so you click into it considering it’s weird. You want to know what, you not knowing you got it pulled up and reading it, and in the hiding background, a web crawler is attacking your computer to gather info such as password, user names, personal pictures, e-mails, and so forth.

    So with all of what I have stated here please tell me your company is safe to work with and why should I work for your company to be paid?

  12. Hey,

    After developing the Linux Kernel with Linus Torvald, I joined Apple where my input was integral to the creation of the first iPhone; Steve Jobs was inspired by my genius. After this, I strained my groin while playing Chess against Garry Kasperov, {FYI: I won the game}, and have been bed-ridden for 3 years, unfortunately.

    Mail me…
    Toodle doo!

    1. Dear Mr. Neeegga-leeps

      After checking our human resources department, we would be happy to invite you our company.
      By the way- how is your groin doing?
      If you are still bed ridden- fu*lyt*tts would be happy to come to you.

      Thank you

  13. Hi all,

    My name is Hang and I came from Vietnam. I have more than 2 year experience in black box. I am looking for part time job about Website application and Paid Mobile testing. This is a first time I join online job like that. Please help me to clarify, where can I get project? Many thanks for your helping.

  14. Hi

    My name is Kiran Jadhav, I have 3 years of experience in black box user testing.
    Please reply more details on my email.


  15. I am looking for a job in computing. It is my hobby and I want to branch into this area in my career. I’m currently a mechanical engineer and have been for over ten years.
    I am very good at surfing the internet and have been doing this since 1998. I grew up using computer games and developed an interest in the internet from its outset. I have a G.C.S.E in Information Systems at grade ‘C’.
    My level of English is very good. Please feel free to contact me via porky924s AT aol.com

  16. Hi,
    I am also interested.
    I am a Senior Website Tester with years of experience.
    Please send me details as soon as possible.

  17. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am interesting in becoming an online worker, I have been unemployed for a long time and would love the opportunity to work and earn a living online. I cannot pay a fee for registration so if you have an opening as a user tester or any other online opportunity that fit my criteria, please consider me
    Thank you.

  18. Hi
    I have been working in companies for last 4.5 years as senior paid tester and would like to go for freelance testing jobs. Please let me know for starting how much payment should I quote at first?


    1. I joined user testing some time last year. You do not have to invest in anything everything is free. Opportunities come from well-known companies and are short and fun. I haven’t tried any other test yet but this is defiantly reliable.

  19. Hi,

    This is Murali Having 11 year’s software user testing experience. I am looking for a part time job.


  20. Hi, do we test any code or stuff like that? I am not a programmer so can I complete these jobs?

    Can someone explain with an example what these jobs really are?

    Good day

  21. What are the basic technical skills I should have for the job? In addition, does the job require continuous working for long hours? Because I will need breaks in between since, I have a baby.

  22. Oh, I forgot to mention that any legitimate user testing website or any other site that says you can make money with their company does not charge you anything to earn with them, so no there is no fee attached. If their asking for money then it’s a scam indeed. Apply for paid usability job if it is free to join the company.

  23. I have been using usertesting dot com for about a year now, and its super easy. They have both PC and mobile usability tests available, the PC testing pays $10+ per completed test, and the mobile testing pays $15. You complete a paid test, they review it, 7 days later, you are paid via PayPal. If you opt to use the mobile testing, they actually send you a webcam of theirs to use for the testing. After so many completed mobile tests, you get to keep the webcam. I haven’t tried any of the others, as I didn’t know that there were so many. I’ve listed my webpage if your interested in earning more money.

    1. Hi Neva, Can you please tell me more about what you’re doing, it sounds like something I would like to do. Also how much money can you make from doing this, and can you still do this paid test job if you live in a small place.

  24. Thank you so much for this! I joined almost all the websites you listed except for a couple (eLance and oDesk seem to be too specific with their testing requirements, and Clicktale and Opinion Lab do not seem to have any user testing jobs.) Nevertheless, thanks for the article! :)

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