September 20, 2021

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PayPal: Fraudulent/Scam Emails Luring Users into a Trap

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A new day, a new fraud attempt; cybercriminals are currently sending in a new wave of fake mails under the banner of PayPal. Please, do not fall for it!

Almost every day, scammers on internet try to get hold of your personal information (phishing.) The focus is usually on large and well-known providers, where usually many users are registered and especially if money is involved. The most popular companies include, for example, the US streaming service Netflix or the mail order company Amazon. But also PayPal is always the focus of such fraud attempts, as a recent case studies have shown. Have you recently bought an iPhone X for just under 900 dollars? If not, then pay attention!

PayPal: Do not respond to any phishing emails
The new email is about an iPhone X with 256 gigabytes of storage for 899.00 dollars, which you have purchased, according to text in the email that pretends to have come from an Apple Store. Payment will be made within three working days, which of course puts pressure on wary users. According to Josh, who is an internet security expert, a link takes you to a fake input page where criminals pick up your data. Do not fall for this lousy trick and delete such emails immediately. If you are unsure, contact PayPal Customer Care. Of course, this also applies if the criminals have already gotten to your data.

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