September 20, 2021

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Do Not Miss Any PTC Ads Anymore – Use PTC toolbars

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When someone posts an ad to a PTC site’s advertising board/bay, all users can instantly make money online by clicking on it and by viewing it for a few seconds. Unfortunately, there are not an infinite number of advertisement, or clicks, that you can view to get paid but only as many as are booked by advertisers and paid. With the toolbars offered by PTC sites, you can see immediately when a new advertisement is available and no longer has to resent any ads that have been made inactive.

It depends on the size
I have to admit that I have shunned toolbars for a long time and have never really tried using them. I didn’t want to make my browser full of trash just to be alerted about few commercials/ads. Now that I have tested some of them, I must say that my experience was mostly positive and they can be surprisingly useful.

The basic functions of each toolbar are that (1) you are made aware of new advertisements, (2) you can view your account balance with one click, and (3) you are usually informed about important news automatically. The installation is quick and easy with all popular browsers; I don’t think I have to explain anything about that because it is very simple and straightforward.

First of all, I took a closer look at the toolbar offered by Neobux and I must say, I was really surprised at its simplicity. The Neobux button in the browser is not even 1-centimeter-wide and still provides all the information that you need. With one click, you can see your daily or total revenue, the available advertising, statistics, and new forum posts. Newly available ads/clicks are subtly informed by blinking.
Without this toolbar, you are sure to miss some important advertisements during the day. There are not only the ads that you get to see when you first login, but you also get to see newly added ones and they appear almost instantly. Over the day, you will be informed about approximately 100 new clicks.
Basically, all other toolbars like those of ClixSense or BUXP work the same. However, these are significantly larger in size and consume a whole line in the browser. If you use Easyhits4U via the toolbar, you get even 10% more points/credits.

Configure toolbars correctly
Ideally, we want to be made aware of new clicks by the toolbar instantly so that we can earn more money, right? Because not many people need an integrated Google search box or links to Amazon in the installed browser, you can also remove them to create more space. This works by making changes in the add-on settings of the browser. Useless functions should simply be set off and so that only important ads can be displayed. This is to make sure that the toolbar can unfold its full potential and make a higher earning possible for you.

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