February 28, 2021


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Where Does “Red Alert 3”, Store Saved Games Data?

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Where in Windows does Red Alert 3 store saved games data?


Check the following paths for your saved games:

  1. C:\Users[Username]\Saved Games\Red Alert 3
  2. C:\Users[Username]\Appdata\Roaming\Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 stores the saved games at aforementioned location, but the replays are stored in a different place. Click on “Start” then “Documents,” “My Documents.” Here, look for folder named “Red Alert 3.”

3 thoughts on “Where Does “Red Alert 3”, Store Saved Games Data?

  1. i need help plzzzz

    inside USERS folder i do not see any folder which looks anything like “[Username]”

    i really need to find my save game files as i must format my drive and install windows again.

    but i can not do it bz i still cannot find my saved games files.

    somebody please help me with this situation.

    1. Dear “makayla”,

      Inside the “Users” folder in C or any drive where windows have been installed, you will see your username. It is the Account Name of your system.

  2. I have been searching for this issue for about two months and at last read your post and it felt so easy to find the file.

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