September 20, 2021

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The Hunt for Referrals – Friends, acquaintances, and the snowball system

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This first part of this series of articles is intended to show how you can use your friends and family members to gain more referrals. Especially for beginners and users who do not have their own website, this is a great way to improve your income with some PTC providers without having to spend huge effort.

Quick, personal explanations
The big advantage of having friends as referrals is that you can know people personally and talk to them more casually. There is a certain confidence and you are being listened to more attentively.
So try to build a conversation with your friends. The interlocutors can be classmates, colleagues, drinking buddies, football acquaintances, and members of their families. Do not sound/look forceful or desperate and do not force anyone to sign up anywhere without proper explanation. Besides, you should always be honest with these people and accept their decision open-heartedly if there is no interest shown from them.

Sayings like “EY, sign up there and you get €100 a day” rarely lead to success.

A loose conversation in a group works best. Try to mention that you earn a little money on the internet by the way. Curious mates will surely be interested to hear/know more and will ask you questions about how to do it and what to do. Explain how the whole system works and get them to sign up as your referrals and you’ll get a little more money if you play your cards right. If anyone has interest in making money, then he will certainly not say no.

Use Facebook to send invitations
Even better than a single conversation with your friends are invitations via Facebook. A referral-link on your page can be seen by your friends and with a brief explanation of it, some of them will probably sign up too. Even private messages or daily posted referral-links can lead to your goal to increasing your referrals; all Facebook friends are usually not your real friends, but anyone you is interested in making money online will check your link out of curiosity.

Beware of same IPs
In general, there is nothing to object to when you bring your own family members as referrals but that’s not always that easy. PTC providers, such as ClixSense, only assume that the new user has their own unique IP address. You can refer family members but unfortunately, in some cases, membership is canceled if your referrals use an IP-Address same as you. It is easy for companies to detect user registrations from the same IP address. Large providers like ClixSense and Neobux know exactly how some people use fake referrals who pretend to look like real ones. These companies have taken certain steps to go against such behavior. The family membership issue is not unreal as all of them often use the same computer [or internet connection] to register on PTC sites. Here is a quote from Neobux:

Everyone in your household can join NeoBux (even your mother-in-law)!
There is, however, some restrictions… Only one user per IP within 24 hours and only one user account per computer.
This means that if everyone in your household logs on the same day, only the first one with the click of the ads can make money. To allow another user to click on his/her ads, he/she must wait 24 hours.
However, everyone can log in, for example, to check the user account or to create posts in the forum.
So in short, to click and get paid ads, only one user per IP is allowed within 24 hours and only one user account per computer.
Do not do this at school, work or using a proxy or VPN, because in these cases the IP address is usually the same for all internet users and the computers could be used by other user accounts.

The snowball system
I bet you’ve already seen a graph showing how much money you can make if each of your own referred users refer 5 or more of their own referrals. In reality however, one will not earn these fantastic looking figures; unfortunately, because not every referral can bring one, let alone five, new users. Nevertheless, there is something useful in this system and you can earn good money without doing anything if you refer a significant number of people.
With a little luck, one of your friends/referrals will bring in lot of his own referrals and on some sites like ClixSense, YouCubez, and Wordlinx you can benefit from it.

At the beginning, you can get some fast referrals when you advertise your own family and friends. The registration rate is much higher here than for strangers. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions on the registration and the number of family members and friends is limited.
Nevertheless, these referrals can increase your income on the internet. Making money online is sometimes not that difficult.

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