September 20, 2021

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The Never Ending Hunt for Referrals – Visitor Exchange

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Visitor exchanges or traffic exchange is intended to get visitors to your own website without having to pay for it. This method can also be used effectively to get lots of referrals and really make a lot of money online.

Get as many clicks as you want
The principle of visitor exchange pages is actually quite simple; you visit other websites and get visitors to one’s own site in return. The procedure is very simple; you simply redirect the free visitors to your Referral-link that takes them to a PTC site. If someone signs up on the advertised page, you get one referral more and these real visitors are coming, theoretically, free of charge. The more you surf yourself, the more potential referrals will visit the site you’ve entered.

Which visitor Exchange site should I use?
Not every visitor exchange service is the same. Basically, you can distinguish between two different types:

  1. Manual Visitor Exchange: This is the traffic exchange in the classical sense. You visit other sites for a certain time and get free visitors for it in return.
  2. Automatic Visitor Exchange: This one can be run in the background and automatically gets points with which you can book visitors.

If you want to get referrals, the manual exchange option is always preferable to the automatic exchange of visitors because here you get real surfers/visitors who can notice your website and can turn into real and active referrals. I highly recommend the site Easyhits4U, this is one of the most well-known sites and here you get, for surfing, also money and can thus earn money online plus get free visitors. There are a lot of registered users, so the advertised pages are visited quickly. You can also choose to have the visitors come from only one particular country, so you can advertise a certain group of people.

Which pages should I advertise?
The method of getting referrals is no longer an insider’s tip. Many users are already active on PTC sites and thus earn their money online. Accordingly, you will not get many referrals if you advertise Neobux or Clixense on your website, because these sites are already known to a lot of internet users. More registrations will be achieved on unknown PTC sites, which also look appealing. Advertising for smaller local PTC sites [that may use or support a language other than English] can also be successful because many users are happy to join if they can read something in their local language besides the many English ads.

If you finally want to get your first 100 referrals, then visitor Exchange is a very good way to do that. The registration rate is low but you can determine how many visitors you get after a while and everything is free. With this method, one can significantly improve his income from referrals on the internet.

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