September 20, 2021

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5 Tips on How to Detect Rogue/Scam Online Income Vendors

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If you’ve been on PTC pages for a while, you would know the ads that say things like “Sign up here and earn €500 a day!!!” and other unbelievable offers. Have you ever fallen for it? Do you wonder how you can distinguish real/legitimate opportunities of making money from dubious ones? In this article, I would like to show you 5 simple tips on how to do that even without registering an account in any site and without wasting much time.

  1. Google Search is the best place to start
    The simplest and quickest step to detect rip-offs is a simple search query in Google. Usually, you can enter the site/company name and the first Google search results page will show you what you are looking for. If you see “rip-off,” “attention, scammer,” or things like “help, I have lost my money,” then everything should be clear. You must take the terms “scam” and “not recommended” as a warning sign. But do know that even legit sites get negative ratings. If a customer is not happy, he is going to leave a negative feedback. There is a big difference between Scam and Bad-Experience. So, you should also read testimonials from other users. If you can really make money from a provider, then other people have already written something about it. It is sometimes helpful to search for payment proof, if many of them are present, then you should not have any major concerns. But beware, these too can be forged.
  2. Can the business model work?
    If the Google search wasn’t really insightful, then you should consider whether the business model of the provider can work for a long time or is it a Ponzi scheme. I’ve read many times, ads that claim that you only have to pay a few hundred dollars to a dubious company and then you get thousands of dollars a month for lifetime. How is that supposed to work? We should never believe into such utterly exaggerated false promises; common sense dictates that such claims are nothing but fraud. Unfortunately, you can’t get rich on the internet without doing something.
    There are many PTC business models that simply cannot work. For one click, there can be no 50 cents and for a short survey no $100.
    On the Internet, eBooks are often offered, explaining how to make money online quickly or become rich with a secret trick. I have seen some of these eBooks and have to say that the purchase is simply not worthwhile (I have not bought them personally.) In them, you will find tips for making few dollars on internet, but this money can be made by anyone and information about these opportunities is already available for free on the internet. These are mostly not fraudsters but you should same the money by not purchasing any eBooks.
  3. Who is the administrator?
    If you register a domain, you have to enter your name and address. This data can be easily viewed by anyone using online tools. For a .com and many other extensions/domains, you can do this by sending a request to whois dot com. This will quickly show you the administrator’s name. For websites from some specific countries, you can execute a WHOIS request at some specific whois domain. A search for the name of the administrator or the specified company name often yields interesting results. Many site operators are already known on the internet for offering a new, fraudulent opportunity to make money online every year. Some people have lost a lot of money through various scam companies. So if a new website is operated by such a company, you’d better not register there. :)
  4. Ask a question in some forum
    If you haven’t found enough information so far, you should think about asking a question in a forum. There are countless good possibilities for this; there are many online forums where you can find helpful and trustful information. Ask a clear question and describe your concerns. Many forum users are helpful and will share their experiences and knowledge. The answers should also be filtered out well, some users like to give/post meaningless comments.
  5. Contact ME
    Did you follow the 4 previous steps and still have no result? Just contact me and I’ll do a research.

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