September 20, 2021

Using the power of internet to make life easy

Are you looking for an online job that you can do at home and make money using the internet? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. On this page, I have explained in detail how college, high school, and university students living in USA can use internet to generate online income. You can do these jobs as part time work; students can do the work whenever they have spare time. All the jobs that I am going to explain in this article are easy to do; you do not need any special skills, experience, or education to apply for these jobs.

  1. Work for Google!

Do you know that you can make money by working for Google? I am serious; Google sends millions of dollars to students living in USA and other countries as well. When you receive a check, it says it has come from Google Inc. Imagine receiving thousands of dollars each month by check from Google!

So what is a Google job?

Do students have to work in one of Google’s offices or anything like that?

Actually, no you don’t work in any of Google’s offices. All the jobs that I am mentioning on this page are home based. Meaning that students can do these online jobs at home, you do not need to travel to any location or office. When someone uses the words “Google Jobs,” they probably mean earning money from Google Adsense. Google started this advertisement program more than a decade ago. It allows everyone to participate in it; this means teens and students can too join this program. All you need is a Website. After Google approves your website, you can then use Google Adsense to show ads on your website. When your website visitors click on any of the ads, you get paid.

How much money can you make?

Well, that depends on different factors. For instance, how much traffic does your site has? If no one visits your website, then you are not going to earn any money. The more visitors come to your website the more money you can make. Another important factor is the origin [country] of the traffic. If your website receives all or most of the visitors from developed countries [like USA and UK,] then you are going to earn more income per click. Each time a visitor from a developed country clicks on one of the ads on your website, you will earn [approximately] between $0.2 and $15. Yes, one click can give you more than 10 dollars!

If you are interested in this opportunity, then read the article I wrote about making money online via blogging. In that article, I have explained in detail how you can make a website and use Google AdSense to make money from it. I have included a link to that page at the end of this article.

  1. Get paid to view ads

In the aforementioned Google job, you make money by putting AdSense ads on your website. Then when someone clicks on these advertisements, you earn money. There is another type of job that students can get online; it is called Paid to View Ads job. This job is very suitable for College and high school students. Teens can also do this job. It is very easy and it requires no special skills or experience. In the previous job opportunity, you need to create a blog/website in order to make money from Google AdSense; high school, college, and university students can easily learn to make a small website. But for teens, making websites online might be a challenging task. I am not saying that teens can’t do it; they certainly can. I personally have seen 14 years old teenagers make thousands of dollars every month from their small websites. While teens can make websites, a better option for them is to spend more time on viewing ads.

Several big online companies pay students real money if they view the advertisements that they show them. Here is how it works. You first need to register an account with a PTC [Paid To Click] company. At the end of this article, I have included links to some of the top PTC sites on the internet. Off course, registration is 100% free. Don’t worry about scams. The sites I will show you are 100% legitimate and they will never ask you to pay them any money. Anyway, after you open a free student’s account, you can start making money by viewing the advertisements that the company has in its inventories. Global advertisers are using these companies to promote their products; they pay money to these companies for promoting their products. Then these companies show you these items/Ads and you earn a percentage of the fee that the original advertiser is paying.

This is one of the simplest ways to make money online. You do not need to purchase any products, register any account, or give your personal information; you just need to view ads and that’s it.

  1. Survey Jobs for College Students

Students don’t have much time to spare as they have to attend school, college, or university. They also have to study every day after coming home or to hostel. So the best option for students [to earn money] is to do simple online jobs, one of which is a survey job.

Some companies sell products, some sell services. From time to time, these companies need feedback from their customers; this helps them to improve and grow their business. However, most people don’t like giving feedback. It wastes your time and you don’t gain anything from it. Imagine getting a call from your electricity company asking you to give them feedback by completing a 10 minutes phone-survey. You probably will tell them to call some other time or that you don’t want to give your feedback; now, what if this company tells you that you will earn $50 for completing this survey? :)

There are many online survey websites that you can join. Using these sites, you can receive online paid surveys every day. A survey is a simple online questionnaire. You can complete one survey in less than 3 minutes! All you have to do is read the questions and then choose one of the four answers. Some companies will also send you one of their products for testing. This is a great opportunity for college students to get free products/stuffs as well as make real money for giving feedback about the tested product.

School and college students in USA can make a lot of money from this opportunity. Survey jobs are not available for everyone; most of them are for people living in USA, UK, Canada, and some other developed countries. For students who are studying in countries like India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and other third world countries, there aren’t much survey jobs. They can still make money from this opportunity, but not as much as students who are studying in USA. Some survey jobs have special requirements; for instance, some of them only target teens. You cannot get any online job that is simpler than a survey job.

Survey jobs don’t pay you the same amount of money; some pay less, some pay more. You will make between $2 and $100 for completing one survey job. Once you start doing this every day, you can imagine how much money you can make from this! Students can join survey sites for free, there is no registration fee of any kind.

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