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Top 5 Jobs on Web for Students Without Any Investment or Fee

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Are you looking for online jobs to earn some extra money? If you are, then you have come to the right place. I am going to show you not 1 but 5 different jobs that you can get on internet. For students, making extra money is essential if they want to successfully complete their studies. Tuition fee today is extremely high; getting education from a private school or college has become an expensive affair. So, to help students in this ordeal, I am going to explain in detail how you can use internet to get legitimate online jobs.

Number 1 – Online Transcription Job

Most online transcription jobs are easy to do; the name might sound complicated but the job isn’t. It is a very simple job; to do one, students have to type content into Microsoft Word documents. Are you wondering where the content comes from? Well, as the name of the job suggests, the content comes from audio files. Students receive one or more audio files; their job is to listen to these audio files and write down everything in MS Word documents. You are basically converting audio to text, but you are not using any software or tool to do that. Instead, you have to type down everything that you hear people saying in audio files. This usually is a very simple and fun job for students of all ages.

Most employers outsource transcription jobs not because they are difficult to do but because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. The audio files can have hours of data/conversation and listening and typing all of it is not something everybody can do. Employers simply don’t have the time to do admin-jobs. They pay money to other people to do this job for them. A lot of companies are outsourcing these jobs. For instance, a law firm may have 20+ employees and they still outsource transcription jobs on internet. This is because they are paying their employees money to do other more important work. It benefits such firms to outsource admin-jobs online; if they start to hire full-time employees in their offices to do these jobs, then that do not translate into good money management plan. It is much cheaper for them to get transcription work done online.

Level of difficulty

Students can do different types of transcription jobs; some are easy, some are not. What can be so hard in listening to an audio and typing its content in a MS Word file? Well, I am going to explain few projects that are not easy for an average student to complete.

Example 1:
Some companies outsource medical transcription jobs. The buyer, or employer, has audio files that contain recorded conversation of doctors. They want to hire people who can convert all the audio into text. Now, what is so difficult about this work you ask? The issue is the medical terminology that doctors use in their conversation. Some of the names of diseases are hard to pronounce; you are going to find this job difficult because it is hard to understand what doctors are saying. This kind of transcription job is best suited for medical students; they have a better understanding of medical terms so they can do this job easily and effectively.

Example 2:
Law firms often outsource transcription jobs and just like above example, doing this job can be tough because of conversation that consists of terms used in law, legislation, and case-rulings. If you are a law student, then you can do these jobs easily, but for other students, this job may present a challenge. I am not saying that only law students can do this job; I am merely discussing the fact that some of the terms used in these audio files can prove hard to understand if you have not heard them before.

Example 3:
Low quality audio files are very hard to transcribe, especially if there is noise in them. I personally took such a job and I had to work hard to complete it. Once you accept an online job, you then must finish it, unless you are ok with receiving a negative review/feedback from the buyer. Sometimes, it can take you more than an hour to write just one paragraph!

When you are bidding on a transcription project, make sure that you can do the required work. It is best you ask the employer to provide you with a sample of his audio files. Also, ask him what the conversation in these files is about; find out the topic that is discussed in them. Listen to the sample audio file to check for noise and the level of clarity. Apply for a job if you think you can comfortably complete it.

How much money can students make by working as a transcriptionist?

You can earn between $10 and $50 per hour for doing a simple transcribing job; the rates can vary, though. I cannot tell you the exact amount of money that you are going to earn; this is because different jobs have different requirements and the level of difficulty. Additionally, some employers pay more money than others do. You can browse through all the open job-listings; you can see how much money each job is paying.

Number 2 – Simple Typing Jobs

One of the easiest jobs you can find on internet is simple typing work; it is the most famous online job! In this job, you have to type content into files, usually MS Word files. This is a simple job; there is nothing complicated about it.

So, how is this any different from a transcription job?

They are both different types of online jobs. In a transcription job, you listen to audio files and type that content in files; basically, you convert audio to text. In a simple typing project, you do not listen to any audio files; instead, you read content from a source file. This source is usually images that contain content. Other sources include PDF and scanned files.

Why can’t we use a software to automatically convert images into text?

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible to do. You cannot use a computer program to convert text in an image into readable content; this simply isn’t possible at present time. That is why individuals and firms hire other people to manually type the content.

How hard is this work?

Answer: Not hard at all :)

This is one of the simplest jobs you can find online; all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Students of all ages are making tons of money by doing this very simple work. Many students are paying their entire school expenditure from the money they make from this work. It is not only a simple job, but it is also available in abundance. There is no shortage of typing projects; you can win projects every day and make a lot of money by completing the given work in time.

What is the difference between online and offline typing jobs?

As the name suggest, online typing jobs require you to stay connected to the internet. This is because in these jobs, your source of content is only available on internet, so in order to do this work, you need to stay online.

Example of an online typing project

In some projects, you are required to type text shown in a live-event. You need to watch live courage online and type all the text shown in subtitles. In such a job, you will watch live video streams and type the content shown in subtitles.

In an offline typing job, you do not need to stay connected to internet. Obviously, you still need an internet connection to win projects, communicate with employers, and download the material needed to complete the project. After you download the source files, which can be images, PDF, or some other files, you then start typing content in MS Word while reading it from source provided. You do not need continuous internet connectivity.

Do you need a fast internet connection for offline typing projects?

Yes you do. In aforementioned example, the job is to watch live video streams. To do that, you certainly need a fast and a reliable internet connection.

Do you need to invest any money to start working?

No you don’t. You can receive typing jobs without any kind of investment. Actually, this unique opportunity lets you earn money without ever paying any money from your pocket ever!

Which job is better for students, offline or online typing?

Students can do both, but offline jobs are a better option for them. Students have to attend school/college and study in the evening as well; so, they do not have a lot of free time. Also, to do online typing jobs, you need to watch live events via streaming videos; these events can start at a time when you are studying in you school/college.

Number 3 – Data Entry [aka simple copy-paste] Jobs without Investment

One of the most rewarding jobs you can get online is a simple data entry project. There are several different types of data entry jobs. You mostly need to do copy-paste work. As the name suggests, your job is to enter data. You take data from one place and paste it in another.

Example of a simple data entry job

Employers give you readable files. Your job is to open each file and look, or search, for a certain data. Once you find it, you need to copy it and paste it in a new file. Your employer will give you all the instructions about what data to look for. You need to prepare a new file with all the data your employer needs; you will format everything properly.

Is data entry and typing the same job?

No, they are both different. In typing projects, you need to type content. You need fast typing speed to do more work in less time. In data entry, you usually don’t need to type anything; you just copy data or content from one place and paste it to another. If you are good with using mouse, then you can do data entry jobs fast.

Number 4 – Image editing jobs

Image editing jobs are also simple and easy to do; however, you do need to find a software you can use to edit images. You can easily find them online; download one from internet, which is free to use. In image editing projects, employers give you images and instructions about the changes they need you to make in them.

Example of an image-editing project

A while back, I won a project in which I had to add watermark to some 2000 images. The employer thought that one can only do this project manually i.e. by opening every image and adding the watermark to them on a per-image bases. However, I was able to complete this project in just few minutes. I used a software that added the watermark to all the images using an automated process.

Number 5 – Online Translation Jobs

e Students can make some good money by doing simple translation jobs. Obviously, to do this work, you need to have knowledge about two or more languages. You can only translate content if you know the language.

Example of a translation project

If you live in India, then you can do Hindi to English, or vise-versa, translation jobs. Many website owners want to give visitors the option to browse their website in their local language; like Google in Hindi.

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