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Earn Money with Typing Text on Internet | 2020

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Type text and earn money
Working at home is a wide field; basically one can say what these activities have in common is that they are all done at home in order to earn money. Part of a classic job-at-home is typing text.

Companies are often looking for typewriters
Employees, who are searching for such jobs, can be found in many places on internet. Employees can be students who want to get their diploma [master’s or doctoral] and are already to work as typist. On the other hand, employers are usually companies that want to create new orders or have files that need revision; people occasionally have to hand in paperwork and are looking for freelancers who can help them in this regard.

Make money with typing text
Important potential customers are offices or services that either send handwritten notes or audio files to their freelancers by e-mail, which are then typed in text form.
Once the texts have been completed, they are sent back to the client by e-mail, pdf file, or in similar form.
If the text is error-free and the job is done satisfactorily, the homeworker will bill and be paid. It may also happen that the typed text does not meet the wishes of the client and this must be revised until the company/client is satisfied.

Requirements for typing jobs
Anyone who wants to type text, should definitely have perfect spelling and good typing speed. If the client has to take the time to correct numerous spelling errors, commas, and punctuation marks, then there will be no follow-up orders.

Although the ten-finger typing system is not a direct requirement for this work, it makes typing very easy. In the end, you can type in a lot more text by typing faster than you have to laboriously search for individual letters on the keyboard. The principle is simple: those who type fast earn more money.

How much can one earn with paperwork?
Whoever is particularly well versed in a topic, for example, if you have medical or legal training, you can apply with this qualification to get a typing or other job that centers/specializes in a particular topic. As a result, you have the advantage in the selection of candidates who have no qualifications and thus, you may earn more money.

If you can type quickly and properly, then you can certainly earn money by typing text. You can demand between two and three dollars per page in the beginning. The faster you type, the more money you can earn.

To find clients, check the numerous job boards on internet. Many companies are looking for people who can do typing work or collect data online. Also, in topic-specific forums, there is often the sub-section Vacancies, in which occasionally jobs for writing or typing text are available.

Often, typing work is done in free time. However, you are not quite that free in terms of delivering the work, as there is always a specific date on which the assignment must be completed and delivered.

What if the typing job does not suit you?
If you do not like to type but still want to earn some money on internet, a job market research online could be something for you. You will quickly find an alternative; like there are companies that are looking for people to participate in paid surveys or to test their products. To do surveys and tests, one is invited by email and can complete them either directly using computer or mobile phone. Of course you will not get rich through such low paying online jobs, but a good pocket money can be generated every month.

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  1. Hi.Thanks for the great info . I am an education student and in need of part time job. I am interested in this work and I would be glad to do my best in this type of job.

  2. I want to apply a typing homebased job because I want to be a temporary encoder to earn money, I can worked properly on encoding like MSWord and MSExcel but these are my problems:

    1) How can apply these sites to start encoding?

    2) How can I receive the money earned to this site?

  3. Hi i am looking for an offline/online typing job. I am a previous teacher for 10 years but i want a homebased job this time.I have a good typing skills in ms word and ms excel.I hope you can help..thank you

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