September 20, 2021

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Unjust Dollar Exchange Rate and Fees/Charges – Enemies of PTC users

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0.84 Euros, according to Google’s currency calculator, this is what an American dollar is worth [at time of writing this article.] But, for a payout of 10 dollars, [at PTC sites] don’t be surprised if you receive 6 or even less Euro in PayPal account.

The Lower Exchange Rate
The dollar is [currently] worth less than a Euro, it is a known fact. Now, if you live in European country where Euro is the official currency, then you can save a little money when it comes to online shopping from America (USA.) This can be quite useful because you often pay less money for things like electronic equipment, even after the conversion of money from Euro to US Dollar. This is because a lot of electronic equipment is cheaper in USA than here in Europe.
But it is the other way around when it comes to you earning money on the internet.

Most major Paid-to-Click providers, such as Neobux and ClixSense, are based in United States of America and they pay accordingly in US Dollars. My first payout of ClixSense was $18.55, which when converted to Euros was only €11.87; this is a big difference. According to Google’s online currency calculator, the amount should have been above 15 Euros.

This is not a problem is the PTC site pays you in your local currency, like if you live in Australia and your PTC site pays you Australian Dollar directly without any kind of currency conversion. For German, French, and other users living in the European Union, it is best if the PTC site pays them Euros instead of $; money in user’s account comes in local currency without any kind of conversions or fee.

Does the earning in US Dollars still make any sense?
Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is a feasible opportunity or not. By completing few tasks at ClixSense, I have earned a two dollars today. That took only a few minutes; some users are bothered by the fact that in reality, they did not earn two dollars because after currency conversion, the amount of money reduces significantly.
If the conversion is unjust, then should users [who don’t want to be paid in US Dollar] only join PTC sites that are paying in their local currency like Euro, British Pound, etc.? This is not an easy question to answer and in the end, each individual will have to make his own decision after considering all the pros and cons.

Some sites even have other currencies that they use by default for payouts, like YouCubez pays you in British Pounds. Here again, you face the problem of low exchange rate. For a payout of 6 GBP, which is the payout limit, you can expect to get around 6.8 Euros, or 7.3 US Dollars.
The best option is off course to pay users in their local currency without any kind of conversion. But unfortunately, there are not many PTC sites that are doing this. The second best thing is to pay users their fair share by converting the money using acceptable exchange rates. But this too isn’t happening in any PTC site I know of.

PayPal Charges
If you want to earn your money online, then this cannot happen without a PayPal account; there are not many other ways you can withdraw your money if you don’t have a PayPal account. The service is great in itself, but with certain payout types, it is similar to eBay; as a seller you pay a fee for any payments you receive.

When getting paid by a paid to click site, you are considered a seller, so you have to pay a fee in, most cases. The fee is often not particularly high, but if you just earned your first dollar on internet, then you will be annoyed, if 10 cents from that dollar goes into PayPal’s pocket. Often it is more lucrative if you first earn a high amount and then everything [the fee] can be paid off in one go. From a certain amount, the PayPal fee do not increase.
An alternative to Paypal is Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers.

The currency conversion and the dollar significantly affect the possibility of earning money on the internet; one should be clear about this. If that does not fit to your liking, then you should change your PTC site to one that payout in your local currency.

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