January 27, 2021


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UT2004 – Cannot change resolution | Troubleshooting

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If I try to change screen resolution from in-game settings, I see a black screen. Also, I cannot select the maximum resolution. What is the solution?


Solution 1:

Open/start Unreal Tournament 2004 and go-to:

Settings > Display

Here, the fourth option is “Full Screen.”

Uncheck this option so that the game starts in Window Mode. Now start the game again; this time, you should be able to choose the desired resolution. Your game settings should save without any problems. Once you select the desired resolution, check/select/enable the “Full Screen” option again.

Solution 2:

Go to the directory where you have installed UT2004. Then open the “System” folder and look for the following file:


Choose to edit this file in Notepad. Search for any of the following entries:


Enter the desired resolution in these two fields. For example, following are my settings:


After making the necessary changes, save the file and re-start the game. The game should now start in your selected resolution.



Does UT2004 support Multi-Screen Mode? Is this game compatible with Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity Technology? Can we play this game in two or more monitors?


There is a solution to make UT2004 playable in widescreen mode but this solution does not work for me. In my eyes, it is not a feasible solution. The game looks messed up. If you ask me, I would simply say that this game is incompatible with multi-monitor technologies. The best you can do is, Stretch the game across 2 or more monitors. Playing the game stretched out to multiple monitors looks awful.

In multiple monitor technologies, the game renders visuals on left, right, top and bottom screens, which otherwise you can only see when you move around if you are using a single monitor. In UT2004, you can see these additional areas/visuals of the game but the rendered graphics makes the game look horrible. For example, in a single monitor, you can see a significant portion of the Weapon, which you are holding/using in your hand, but in multi-monitor setup, you will only see tiny bit of it. Additionally, the weapon and other areas of the game look inadequate.

Single Monitor:


Multiple Monitors:


If you want to see for yourself how Unreal Tournament 2004 looks in the “Stretched Mode,” then follow these steps.

Open “UT2004.ini” file and change the values of the following two fields:


Find what resolution your multiple monitor setup is using and then add the appropriate values in these fields. I have three monitors [Nvidia Surround] so I tested the following values:


Now search for the following field:


Default value is zero, you can test different values to find the one that gives you best results. For instance, try “0.3.”

In the same “System” folder, find the following file:


Search for the following values:


Again, test different values. Test in the following range 90 to 105.

You can find more information about running UT2004 in Widescreen Mode here.

Playing any game in stretched mode is not a practical option. This game requires accuracy and precision, both of which you cannot achieve in the stretched view.




Does Unreal Tournament 2004 support Nvidia 3D Mode?


Nvidia has ranked this game as “Excellent” for 3D play. You can check the details here. However, I personally could not get UT2004 to work for more than few minutes in 3D mode. The game would crash to desktop every time. I did not bother to find the cause of this issue, as in 3D, the aim accuracy/precision is compromised.

5 thoughts on “UT2004 – Cannot change resolution | Troubleshooting

  1. UT04 is the best game ever, but why is no body playing it online these days??? is there any online tournament going on nowadays?

  2. I’m just as frustrated as I too am going through the very same issue. I just purchased the EVGA GTX 980 & 3 x BenQ XL2420G (G-SYNC) monitors and UT2004 and UT3 don’t work well; even with the input changes you gave me. Don’t know where else to turn. Sure all three screens work, but the images in the game are too large. It’s like I’m playing 1920×1080 magnified into all three screens. So a lot is getting cut off. Any other solutions that you might have found since this post? Let me and everyone else looking at this post know. Thank you for trying… :-)

  3. Whenever I try to run this game in the 3d mode I get BSOD. How come Nvidia ranked this game as EXECELLENT in 3d where it actually is not running for either you or myself. Can someone confirm using ut in 3d mode?

    PS. I am using the newer version of Nvidia 3D glasses.

  4. thanks it worked!

    I am really into ut04 but alas no one seems to play this game anymore. Multiplayer games such as Call of Duty is no match to what UT provides. UT is genuinely providing the best multiplay experience.

    Anyway, your solution worked for me. I messed up when I tried to run UT in multi screen mode [3 monitors]

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