January 27, 2021


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UT2004 | Esc key not working | LAN not working

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After making changes to controls, the Escape key is no longer working in Single and/or Multiplayer mode(s). How can I solve this issue?


Start the game. Select “Settings” then “Input.” On the left side of the screen, you can see “Configure Controls,” click on it. This opens the “Configure Keys” window.

Here you need to click on “Reset.” This brings back the default control settings and the ESC key should start to work properly again.




In Unreal Tournament 2004, multiplayer is not working in LAN [Local Area Network] mode. What is the solution?


In UT2004, I personally have faced multiplayer gameplay over LAN issues frequently. Most of the time, the problem was my LAN connection.

If you are unable to play the game in multiplayer mode [because you are not able to JOIN GAME,] then the following tips may help.

Is your network connection really working?

Are you able to transfer files from the Host computer to the other PC(s)?

If you have a proper networking connection, you will have no problem transferring files from one PC to the other ones. If you can transfer files between PCs in your LAN network, then at what speed are files getting transferred? Transfer rate should be 10MB/Sec or more.

If your PCs are unable to detect each other and you are unable to transfer any files between them or if the transfer rate is very slow, then something is wrong with your LAN connection. A common cause for this is a faulty LAN wire. Low quality LAN [Ethernet] cables can cause slow transfer speed and unexpected errors.

If your LAN connection is running smoothly, then check your PCs’ Firewall. Make sure that firewall is not blocking the connection. On several occasions, I personally have found my Firewall to be the culprit.

If firewall is not the cause then check “Windows User Accounts” in all interconnected PCs. Make sure that Password Protection is not turned on in any PC.

Start the game and choose “Join Game” from the menu. First click on LAN and then REFRESH; see if the match shows up under “Server Name.”

If nothing appears, then right click in the blank space below “Server Name” and choose “Open IP.” A new window will show up asking you to enter the IP Address. You need to enter your Host PC’s IP here. After entering the IP address, click on OK. The game should now connect your PC to the Host.

I have been playing this game for years and one of the above-mentioned solution has always worked for me.

6 thoughts on “UT2004 | Esc key not working | LAN not working

  1. Local area connection in UnReal Tournament has suddenly stopped to work for us.

    Refreshing or adding IP of host computer is not helping.

    Any suggestions?

    And why would it suddenly stop to work???

  2. I tried everything–nothing worked. we are trying to connect 2 pcs but the game won’t let us. the lan is working but the game isn’t. what to do???

  3. Sir,

    I started playing UT04 few weeks ago and I must say, I never would have thought that 10 years old game will be this much fun. Graphics and game-play of UT04 can be compared to any latest game.

    Sadly, we tried to play this game in our LAN Party but for some reason, it does not work. We know a thing or two about multi-player games but this game is somehow giving us some really a hard time.

    You have provided some excellent troubleshooting advice but sadly, none of the solutions worked for us

    If you have any advice for us, please do reply.


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