September 20, 2021

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We Are Hiring!!! We need Article Writers…

Hello Everyone,

We need some article re-writers. Go to our Facebook page and chat with us if you are interested. We will hire people for long term; we will pay on monthly bases. You must be able to re-write the content effectively.

You will have to work for six days in a week. We are hiring you on a monthly bases; we will pay on a monthly bases too. In the start, we may pay you some money after few days, in order to make some trust. You will need to provide articles on daily bases.

You must be able to work for 8 or so hours and provide us multiple articles each day.

Some people in India and Pakistan are doing office jobs that pay less than $150 and some of them work for 12 or more hours. We are providing you an opportunity to make stable income at home doing simple work.

If you are interested, chat with us on Facebook. Remember, we are looking for people who can rewrite articles and produce good content.

Good Luck!