September 20, 2021

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You Can Win Stuff Via Participating In PTC Contests/Sweepstakes

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If you are trying out all the possibilities to make money online, then you should also participate in some contests/sweepstakes. After an estimated 20 participations in such events, I have actually won something now. Ironically, however, I didn’t win any of the paid contests; I once participated in a forum and the second time I won because I had written a comment on a blog post :) Together, the two prices have a higher value than what I have earned online so far this year!!!

Win 1: Amazon Kindle Touch | Value [$100+]
I have this new ebook that I got for free in one online marketing forum. This site is about for online marketing and search engine optimization. I did not register there to win some contest but because I am genuinely interested in this subject/area and even professionals can get lots of tips on this forum; it is a great forum to learn about ideas to make money on internet. I didn’t expect to make money on this forum, but I am happy that I did win the contest :)

Win 2: iPod | Value ~$50
A brand new iPod, one of those now belongs to me. I saw an email in my mailbox in the spam folder. The subject said “iPod Shuffle Winner.” On the first look, this certainly looks like one of those spam/scam emails but for some reason, I opened this email. The email came from a well-known and reputable site, so I opened the link out of curiosity and I was amazed to see that I actually have won an iPod. But why actually? I asked myself. Did I participate in any contests? I said no, not that I remember.
The real answer however was that I won because I wrote a comment on one of the blog posts. I didn’t even know you could win something. But a comment can really be worthwhile because this particular website is giving away one iPod every month.
Caution: It is [most of the time] not safe to open emails that are in the Spam Folder. Don’t click on links in these emails. If you think there is an email that appears to have come from a reputable website, then simply visit that website and login to find the details instead of linking on links that are in the email.

Now, my question | Have you ever won anything in an online raffle/contest?

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