January 19, 2021


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Wise-Tech Review – computer hardware shop in Rawalpindi

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Nowadays, I purchase PC hardware from different sources in the UK, but few years back, I was doing that in Pakistan. It was a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. Most electronics shops in Pakistan are ran by unprofessional individuals. Customer-care is something they don’t ever bother themselves with, not to mention the fraud dealing, where shop keepers sell us either a repaired or used item, with the label and price of a new one. I wasted a lot of money on purchasing items from such deceitful sellers.

In search for a computer hardware store that an honest person runs and where I can find all the latest hardware, I travelled to many cities in Pakistan. It took me a while to find Wise-Tech, and I am glad that I made the right call when I decided to buy my new PC from this shop. The market where Wise-Tech is has several other PC shops too. I visited them all before I decided to make the purchase from Wise-Tech.

A very nice person runs Wise-Tech. His dealing is excellent. Furthermore, he provides good after-sale customer support; it is something other shops fail at, miserably. If an item is faulty, Wise-Tech will change it without any hesitation. If you want to exchange or even return some item, you can do that with them; just make sure you don’t mess-up the item packaging too much and you need to bring back the item within a day or two.

If I have to describe what I think about Wise-Tech in less than ten words, then here is what I will say “One of the best computer shops in Pakistan.” Wise-Tech provides original products with real warranties and at very reasonable prices. What more can one possible ask for? :)

What is the contact information [phone, fax etc] of Wise-Tech?

1. Postal Address of Wise-Tech [the computer hardware shop in Rawalpindi] is as follows:

#55-T/3, 10-A, Haider Road Saddar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

2. Phone # [if you are dialing from inside Pakistan]:

(a) 051-5518684 (b) 051-5514786

For international callers:

(a) +92-51-5518684 (b) +92-51-5514786

3. Fax #: 051-5518684

4. Email address: sales (at) wise-tech(dot)com(dot)pk

5. Website Address: wise-tech.com.pk

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1 thought on “Wise-Tech Review – computer hardware shop in Rawalpindi

  1. Hi
    I boughta a pc from wisetech.
    I would boot and they say to me that I need to boot it with usb flash.
    Can you send me a guide on how to do it?

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