January 23, 2021


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Wordlinx Review – Averagely good PTC site

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Wordlinx is simple, but only averagely good when it comes to making money online.

I was quite late to get acquitted with Wordlinx; the site looks unimpressive, but it does offer some earning potential. WordLinx has been online since 2003 and you will hear a lot of positive things about it; after all, it is one of the few PTC sites that are paying users for over a decade now. What makes this site particularly good and what is not, you will know in this review.

Clicks, Polls
Earn Money/day by clicks: At least 10 ads per day, 0.1-1 cent
Polls: Depending on the provider, you can earn several dollars a day
Earn money with bonus promotions: Sweepstakes, surveys, registrations and more…
Referrals: Lifetime Commission on all actions of refs.
10 referral levels

Payout limit: $10
Duration: Right away
Payout Types: PayPal

Online since 2003
Operator: Rogue Media

Earning Opportunities
There is a lot to click every day. For each advertisement, there is 0.1 and 1 cent reward. The short advertisements, which are poorly remunerated, are available throughout the day, but very often, they are not worth the login.
The earning opportunities with simple paid-to-click are good at Wordlinx. If you have accumulated $10 in your account, you get a small bonus which amounts to a total of 12 cents.
The ad-clicking process is very simple and I have never had complications here.
The user account can be upgraded for a fee in order to receive more advertising per day and also to earn more money in general.

New to Wordlinx is the survey and offer system. As with many other PTC providers, you can now also fill in Wordlinx surveys and bonus actions against payment. This loosens up the retracted paid to click system a little and provides additional revenue.

Referral Program: 10 Referral levels (83.25% Rating)
There are 10 referral levels with no maximum number of referred members. One deserves everything with what the referrals generate and Wordlinx rightly gives you that.
As a normal member, you can only earn a maximum of $10 per month with referrals. Should there be more, the amount expires. So if you can refer a lot of people, you should set up a verified account, or even a pro account to earn up to $100 or even unlimited money through referrals with the Pro account. But the appreciation is not quite cheap. Verified members pay 10 dollars a year. Pro members pay 25 a month.

Ease of Use (71.55% rating)
With one click, you can see the available ads and you don’t need to do anything more. The statistics provider provides all relevant information and the optional toolbar works well by informing the user about new advertisements.
If you need help, you can find it in the in-house forum. In addition, WordLinx is represented on Facebook and Twitter.
Otherwise, the site is very simple and uncomplicated, which in this case is by no means a disadvantage.

Trust (100%)
The site has been online since 2003 and has a lot of satisfied users and customers. WordLinx can therefore be fully trusted.

Payouts 80%
From an amount of $10, you can transfer your money to your own PayPal account. It is great that WordLinx pays immediately and without waiting. The numerous articles on the internet confirms this.

Online since 2003
Monetize with clicks and polls
10 referral levels

Pro account too expensive
Outdated paid to click structures
Payout limit by clicks hard to reach

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